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TNF: Tell me about your family.

BILL: Chuck and I were married on Oct. 5, 2013, in Minnesota shortly after the state legislature and governor not only fought off a same-sex marriage ban amendment, but also made it legal for same-sex couples to marry just six months later! We currently have one child, Bill’s biological son, Liam, from his first marriage. He’s 14 and a freshmen in high school. We also have a cocker spaniel/dachshund cross named Chloe, who rounds out the family and tends to run the household.


TNF: How did you meet your husband?

BILL: Chuck and I met online, which seems to be the trend these days. He lived on the other side of town and had a completely different social circle. So, thankfully, through social media we were able to meet online and then in person the very next day. Some say love at first sight is a myth, but at that moment we felt a spark that we knew was going to last.


TNF: Do you feel different from other families? If so, how so?

BILL: With and amongst our families and friends and most of the community, we don’t really feel different from other families. We have the same opportunities, challenges and struggles as other families and feel fortunate to approach them together.


TNF: Where do you live?  Is it tough being a gay couple where you live?

BILL: We live in the Highland Park neighborhood of St. Paul, MN. It’s a progressive and educated enclave in a liberal city and state, so thankfully we haven’t had much difficulty being a gay couple. Of course there are the occasional sideways looks when we go out as a couple, but I think it’s more curiosity than anything else. We do feel accepted, which, I think, in part, comes from being comfortable and confident in who we are. We are proud to be husbands and hope it shows when we’re in public. The best thing we can do is to normalize same-sex couples, and the way to do that is to be who you are wherever you are.


TNF: What has having a family meant to you?

BILL: Our family is our strength and our refuge. We take comfort in the fact that we can rely on each other, be ourselves with one another, solve problems and celebrate the moments in our lives as a family.



Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us.

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