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Distressed Surplus Canvas Tent

Best holiday gift ideas for kids 2014

I love this tent for kids and the design is fun for indoors or out for boys and girls alike.  It’s on special at Restoration Hardware for $229.

3D Play Carpets 

holiday gift ideas for kids

These three dimensional carpets encourage imaginative and creative play.  They are $150 on IVI 3D Play Carpets. 

Twas the Mouse Who Saved Christmas 


In MarbleSpark’s uniquely crafted book, ’Twas the Mouse Who Saved Christmas it’s not just the front cover that’s personalized; the entire story is specially designed and based around your child! You’ll follow a young mouse named Pipp Squeak on an adventure through Santa’s house as she works valiantly to save your child’s Christmas. And after the holiday season ends, it makes a wonderful keepsake that children will cherish year after year. $29.95 at

Lost My Name Book 

Lost my name book

A personal, beautiful, magical book. The adventure is based on the letters of a personalized name.   The child is given the first letter of each character’s name, finally putting together their own name. Every name creates its own unique, personalized tale featuring an incredible cast of different characters. The books: “The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name” and “The Little Boy Who Lost His Name,” tell the story of a child who sets off on a spectacular adventure to track down all the missing letters of their name. Kids will love to meet the glamorous Ostrich, sleep-deprived Bear, a Viking who yearns to bake and a Zebra torn between spots and stripes – and many, many more. No need to worry if your kids have unique names or if their names are spelled differently than mainstream names. Each book can include the letters you want with thousands of possibilities! $29.99 and shipping is free!

Waiting is Not Easy 

Mo Willems

If you haven’t figured it out yet, The Next Family crew loves to give books for the holidays.  Our favorite children’s books seem to be by the fabulous Mo Willems.  If you have not heard of him, you are missing out!  This is his latest–Waiting is Not Easy. $8.99

Lotty Dotty 

Lotty Dotty multiple shirt

Founded in 2009 by Shevanne Helmer and Maya Persaud, two American women living in Paris, France, the company has designed and patented a revolutionary line of high-fashion T-shirts featuring screen printed doll figures, that can be dressed interchangeably with velcro-backed designer mini-outfits. Harking back to childhood memories of playing with paper dolls, Shevanne and Maya named the company Lotty Dotty after one of their early favorites. From $7- $30, you can purchase on Lotty Dotty. 

Kushies Raincoats for Kids 

rain jacket

If your kids are like mine, they love rain gear.  This Splish Splash rain jacket and pants by Kushies was a hit in my family.  They’ll be stylin’ at school. For the full outfit it’s $59.99 on Kushies. 

Umbra’s Fish Hotel

fish hotel

It’s always nice to get your kids a pet to take care of but let’s face it, the parents end up doing most of the work.  I like to keep things simple with a fish in a fabulous modern hotel.  $35.00 on Umbra. 

Balance Bike 

skutt balance bike

My wife and I recently taught our daughter how to ride a bike, boy do we wish we had started with this.  Get your kids on a balance kids.  Get it for $77 on Amazon. 

Camelio Tablet 

Camelio Tablet

For those parents that embrace technology for their children. The CAMELIO is a unique, Android tablet that allows you to customize and personalize your tablet with your favorite characters! Up to 5 users can easily create their own profile and customize their account with Camelio“Personality Packs” (sold separately). Personality packs allow users to customize wallpaper, widgets, lock screens, camera and photo editor and a themed bumper case. It’s equipped with all of the features parents have come to expect from a family tablet; built in Wi fi, camera, HD Video, touch screen and parental controls, the Camelio also includes lots of pre-loaded content for apps, games, music, video, art and other educational tools. Fun for the entire family!  You can buy online at Amazon.  Price ranges from $65-$119.

UPDATE ON THIS PRODUCT: I will admit that when I reviewed this product I had not tried to connect it to Wifi, I was only playing games with my daughter and looking at apps. Since my review I have tried to login through Wifi and had several problems vs my android tablet that just works and my iPad that just works, I am now having to send this product back to the manufacturer because it is a faulty tablet.  The company is replacing it but that was only after 2 calls totaling 1 hour and at my expense of sending it back for return.  In my final analysis, I would not recommend this product.  Even though it is low in price, my poor daughter is disappointed that she has still not gotten full usage of this product.

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