Spotlight Series: Kim and Angelica – Love and Pride

Spotlight Series: Kim and Angelica

Quinny  photo shoot with mixed race families

Spotlight Series sponsored by Quinny, a European stroller brand available in the United States.



TNF: Tell me about your family. Are you married? Do you have kids?

BOPAH: Hello! We are Kim and Angelica.  Our online family knows us as Bopah- Angelica and Boatie-Kim.  We have 2 sons.  Isaiah who is 14 and Drake who is 2.  We had our youngest through the process of home insemination.  It is very similar to artificial insemination that is done at a fertility clinic.  After succeeding in this process ourselves, we have helped other couples by spreading our knowledge to help them create their own families as well.  Over all the whole process in itself has been very rewarding and we have met some really great families.




TNF:  How did you meet your wife/partner? What do your children call you?

BOPAH: For years we were actually embarrassed by the fact that we met on a social media site, so up until about 5 months ago, we told everyone we met through friends. Lol Realizing how silly that is now, we decided to come clean and tell the real story.   Now we both have different variations of how we met, but the short version is that Boatie reached out to me on Downelink and after several attempts at getting my attention failed she stopped.  I then reached out to her and a friendship was formed.  Six months later we started the process of trying to conceive, were successful after our second attempt, and Boatie moved 2 and a half ours to live with Isaiah and I.

Our Oldest child Isaiah calls me Mom and Boatie by her first name. Drake calls me Mom or Mommy and calls Boatie Ma, which is mother in Cambodian.




TNF: Do you feel different from other families? If so, how so? 

BOPAH: We feel that we are definitely like every other families out there… raising our kids to the best of our ability and always striving to have a good relationship with each other as a couple. We are parents first, and a couple second and lesbian last, so we see no difference in our family compared to others.  Every family is unique in its own way..some have just a mom, just a dad, just a grandmother…its endless really, and ours just happens to have 2 moms.




TNF: Where do you live? Is it tough being gay/a gay couple where you live? Do you feel accepted? 

BOPAH: We live in a small town in Central PA, and Yes at times we do get the reality check that others “NOTICE” our family more…but over all we have a really great support with both our families.  When we started the process of trying to conceive we started vlogging online as sort of personal diary for us to keep and express what we were going through. We wanted to reach out to others going through the same things as we were.  Also to help open that line of communication and knowledge to anyone who was willing to listen.  At the time we knew no other families or couples like ours and we wanted to try and change that.  Little did we know at the time how much of an effect the responses we received were going to have in our lives.  Our online family has been so supportive from day one and has helped us get through so many things that I feel they have really helped shape us in the people we are today.  They have helped us be more open, confident and proud of who we are, and we will forever be grateful for all of them.


TNF: What has having a family meant to you?

BOPAH: Having a family means everything.  It means love, acceptance trust, and people in your life that you can always rely on.  Its about making great memories with your children that will last a lifetime and more.



Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us!  

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