Two Princes Will Not Be Getting Married In This Disney Story

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Amplifying Glass was the source of a rumor that spread so quickly it was shared over 60,000 times.

The website wrote an article stating Disney had announced a new animated movie Princes featuring two men who rescue a princess but end up falling in love.

Amplifying Glass is a satirical website with the disclaimer: “If you are looking for real breaking news stories, you have arrived at the wrong location. Nearly everything that we produce is designed to make you laugh and/or poke fun at the ridiculous nature of life in America. You would do well not to take anything that we say here too seriously.”

However, the disclaimer seemed to be missed by thousands.

The story claimed the movie was adapted from Jeffrey A Miles’ The Princes and the Treasure, which is a real book, however, the movie is not.

Amplifying Glass did use part of an interview with Miles from the Advocate earlier this year, but in the story it is misleading in that it sounds like Miles is talking about a movie adaptation, when in fact he is speaking about his book.

While this was all a hoax, The Independent doesn’t think a movie about two princes is too far out in the future.

“If Disney, and Marvel for that matter, have any sense, movies featuring strong gay protagonists will be calculatedly being cooked up right now,” Christopher Hooton’s blog said. “The internet will applaud and box office sales will snowball.”

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