35 0f the Best Kids’ Holiday Gifts on Etsy $25 and Under

By: Shannon Ralph

It’s that time of the year again. Halloween is officially over. Hence, the Christmas season is upon us. We all know—thanks to Target and Gap and any of the other numerous retailers that are already playing holiday commercials on my television—that the Christmas season officially kicks off at 12:01 A.M. on November 1st. Unless you go by K-mart’s calendar, who decided to forgo Halloween altogether and air its first Christmas commercial a few days after Labor Day this year.

Whichever calendar you decide to abide by, it is clear that NOW is the time to start thinking about shopping for the holidays. If your kids are anything like mine, their Santa lists consist of expensive computers, video games, and all things Apple™. I, on the other hand, appreciate hand-made gifts. Unique gifts. Gifts that will not find their way under every tree in the tri-state area. Gifts that will not require me to sell necessary body parts to afford.

Like Santa, I want to find the perfect gift my child will love. Unlike Santa, however, I do not have an army of diminutive toy-making minions to do my bidding. Nor do I have particularly impressive crafting skills. I do, however, have a credit card and internet access. And that is really all one needs to cash in on unique, creative gifts for all of the children in your life.

Below is my list of the 35 best holiday gifts for kids—infants through teens—on Etsy for $25 and under. Perhaps you will find a gem that your child will love!

1. Absolutely the CUTEST little stuffed baby owl—$20

Stuffed Owl
2. This handmade wooden catapult toy comes with 3 bean bags for ammo—perfect for launching covert attacks on siblings!—$22

3. Remember how much you loved paper dolls as a child? These adorable felt “paper dolls” come with three dolls and four outfits.—$24.50

Felt Paper Dolls
4. Check out this large car wallet with racetrack.—$20

Car Wallet
5. Do you have a little animal activist? An adorable Adopt! t-shirt.—$8.50

Adopt! Tee
6. Cozy mittens made from upcycled sweaters.—$24

Upcycled mittens
7. How cute will your baby’s bum look in this My 1st Christmas diaper cover?—$14.99

Diaper Cover
8. Yes, we all understand that your head will explode it you hear “Let It Go” one more time, but suck it up. Your kids will adore this hand crocheted Elsa hat, complete with braid.—$23

Elsa hat
9. Girls can be superheroes, too! Superhero Girls memory game.—$20

Superhero girls memory game
10. Your future engineer will love this 3D DIY metallic Titanic puzzle.—$13.62

3D Titanic puzzle
11. Have a video game nut? Personalized laser engraved, color-changing MARIO multi-color LED Night Light.—$23.45

Mario Nightlight
12. I love this Ninja lovey!—$22

Ninja lovey
13. Have a tween who loves science and loathes personal hygiene? This cool Geode rock soap may just be the answer to your problems!—$6

Geode rock soap
14. For your dapper dude, check out this Batman bow tie.—$23

Batman bow tie
15. How about a pretty personalized pillow case?—$21

Pillow case
16. Have a Starbucks-obsessed teen on your hands? How about this fun crocheted sloth coffee cup cozy?—$22

Sloth coffee cozy
17. Personalized superhero cape for the little superhero in your life.—$17

Superhero cape
18. Everyone knows the wand chooses the wizard! Ignite your child’s inner witch or wizard with this hand-crafted wooden wand!—$15

Wooden wand
19. Let your little one chew on this inexpensive personalized cell phone teether rather than the ridiculously spendy real thing!—$12

Cell phone teether
20. Every adorably toothless child needs a fully customizable Tooth Fairy pillow.—$18

Tooth Fairy Pillow
21. What child wouldn’t love tormenting the family pet with this this wooden slingshot toy with 10 harmless wool felt balls?—$22

Wooden sling shot
22. A great stocking stuffer for the cereal loving kid who has everything…a Cereal Killer spoon.—$4.95

Cereal killer
23. Newly pierced ears? Your little girl will love these colorful button stud earrings.—$5.50

Button stud earrings
24. Abominable Snowmen scented hand warmers to warm tiny fingers and toes this long, cold winter.—$9.99

Snowman hand warmers
25. Every teen needs these gorgeous and cozy fingerless wool texting mittens.—$22

Texting mittens
26. Check out this t-shirt for your selfie obsessed teen.—$14.99

Selfie t-shirt
27. Keep your little guy warm with this hilariously cute beard hat!—$19.95

beard hat
28. Keep little hands busy while they practice fine motor skills with this wooden strawberry sewing game.—$15

Strawberry sewing game
29. Personalized sketchbook for your artsy teen!—$25

personalized sketchbook
30. Your little one will love playing with this delightful cat and mouse wooden puzzle.—$20

cat and mouse wooden puzzle
31. Cool Word Nerd post earrings for your wannabe novelist.—$9.95

word nerd earrings

32. You will adore this keepsake personalized mini lovey/blankie.—$20

Personalized mini blanket
33. Tired of stepping on Legos everywhere you go? Check out this ingenious Lego bag and playmat in one!—$22.35

Lego bag and playmat
34. Who wouldn’t love this fun Bowl-a-Gnome wooden bowling set?—$19.50

Bowl a gnome
35. Check out this pair of colorful sheep cashmere long woolen socks for your stylish teen to wear with her boots!—$19.99

Cashmere socks

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S Ralph

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