Close to Our Hearts: Two New Moms Explore Chicago with Baby – Love and Pride

Close to Our Hearts: Two New Moms Explore Chicago with Baby

By Michelle Barnard


The first ten weeks of parenthood have been a blur…

All our parent-friends told us that life as we knew it would change, but we shook them off. WE were different. We weren’t going to be THOSE parents.  We even had a list of annoying parenting things that we would never do, coupled with all the stuff we’d accomplish, as parents, with our baby in tow.  But after the first several weeks of motherhood, it seemed our list was going to go right out the window. We were in survival mode, pure and simple.

Like going outside. We sure took that for granted! Just leaving the house had become more difficult than I ever imagined.  We never understood before why our friends with babies were late all the time or lugged around so much crap!  We get it now. 

You know those first scary six weeks or so when you are so worried about your baby getting sick?  We would look at our beautiful, perfect son and the thought of one tiny germ landing anywhere near him was unthinkable. 

We live in Chicago, home of unpredictable weather. A warm day can change in an instant, with only a cool breeze coming off the lake.  But we Chicagoans take a certain pride in the weather, saying things like “it builds character!” Lately though, we’ve enjoyed an almost perfect fall: billowing clouds, the sun peeking out, a hint of briskness in the air.  Chicago like this? There’s nothing better. 

Chicago is also a great walking town.  So, after weeks holed up in the house, and crisp fall weather beckoning, two very proud mommies were finally ready to turn the corner, let go of some germ-phobia, and adventure out with our new baby boy in the Ergobaby Wrap. 

At first glance, the Ergobaby might seem intimidating.  There’s a lot of material, which you quickly realize is necessary for keeping Baby snug as a bug.  And once you get the hang of it, it’s REALLY easy to use.  It took only two practice attempts, and suddenly our clean, diapered, full and satisfied baby was wrapped snugly against my body…and we were out the door!

Lesbian moms and their Ergobaby wrap

Lesbian moms and their Ergobaby wrap

Ergobaby wrap

We started our day at Chicago’s lakefront, one of our favorite places in the city.  You can walk for miles enjoying the most amazing views.  I was just loving the feel of the wrap, which is ultra soft, and having Brody right there on my chest, like he was giving me a great big hug.  Having him snug against my heart makes me smile just thinking about it.  It was a perfect day.  

While we loooove walking lakeside in Chicago, our hands-down favorite thing to do is go to a Cubs game.  When we made the decision to move here, we knew we wanted to be close to Wrigley.  We live about 90 feet away from the famous bleachers, and during baseball season, we can hear the game and organ from our back deck.  We just LOVE it, and went to A LOT of games before Brody was born.  The ticket sellers knew us as “the pregnant couple”.   And so, suddenly wanting our boy to experience his first Cubs game as soon as possible, we rushed home to don our Cubs gear. 

Ergobaby wrap

By the time we got home, the weather had taken a turn.  Clouds rolled in and the beautiful, mid-60s temp had dropped.  But we were undeterred. After changing, feeding, and re-strapping Brody into the Ergobaby – this time on Mommy Rochie, we were out to find some tickets!  It’s literally a 90-second walk to Wrigley from our house, and Brody was so comfy in the wrap that he was SOUND ASLEEP.  Rochie loved that the Ergobaby really protected him from all the over-excited fans peeking in to welcome our new Cubbie.  And, being still worried about germs, it was great that the wrap kept unwanted hands away from our boy! 

A storm suddenly rolled in as we walked around  the stadium.  Our attempt to get Brody inside Wrigley just wasn’t going to happen.  His two mommies will suffer any weather for our beloved Cubs, but Baby Brody will just have to wait until next year! 

In the end, the day was a great success. We got out of the house. Our baby was protected, warm, and germ-free. And the entire time, he was close to our hearts as we showed him the city we love.

Lesbian moms from Chicago

Lesbian moms taking son to cubs game

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