Halloween Treats: Spooky S’mores

For my son’s very first class party, I made the rookie mistake of not pouncing on the snack sign-up sheet. It was for his preschool Halloween party, and by the time I got around to volunteering, all that remained was the dreaded “other” category.

But I’m always up for a creative challenge. So I retreated to my laboratory, pulled together some randomly yummy ingredients, and SPOOKY S’MORES were born! Mwaaa-ha-ha-haaaa!


But wait — aren’t s’mores supposed to be toasted? Technically, yes. But I wasn’t about to bring an open flame into a classroom full of three- and four-year olds. At least not at my very first party. Trust me — they’re plenty yummy without being heated, and certainly messy enough in this form. However, I may try them another time with pre-toasted marshmallows. That could make for some very cool melted eyes/zombie effects…

They’re super simple to make, and you can even employ the help of your kids. Just make sure they (and you) have a healthy snack beforehand, or be prepared to lose quite a few ingredients in the process of putting them together.


Graham crackers
Hershey’s chocolate bars (any size, as long as they break into segments)
Peanut Butter
Marshmallows (jumbo & mini-sized)
M&M’s (plain & mini)
Candy corn & candy corn (mellowcreme) pumpkins



Feel free to use any other kind of candy or topping you like, and get as freaky and as fun as you want! The only one I wasn’t too pleased with was my attempt at a mummy (below, bottom center). Cutting marshmallows into thin strips is not an easy task.



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