Spotlight Series: Kara and Jaclyn – Love and Pride

Spotlight Series: Kara and Jaclyn




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Spotlight Series: Kara and Jaclyn


TNF: Tell me about your family. How did you meet your partner? Do you have kids?

KARA: Jaclyn and I met in high school and were close friends. I secretly had a crush on her for years. We lost touch. Over 10 years later we met up again. I told her about how I was so in love with her. I thought she had feelings for me too when we were young. Not only was she shocked about my feelings, she didn’t even have feelings for me then. But this time around we defiantly hit it off. We both always knew we wanted to be mothers. And so we got started right away. We chose an unknown sperm donor from a bank. We used Jaclyn’s eggs and she carried. Our 1st daughter is 28 months old now. The second time around I also went on fertility meds. Then we used the remaining donor sperm and my eggs. We did IVF again and implanted them into Jaclyn. Jaclyn then carried my eggs. We now have newborn twins.  All our daughters are biologically related. We don’t go around telling people which child is biologically mine or hers. If it comes up in conversation and the person is genuinely interested we might tell them. A lot of people who we are not close with are so interested in who the donor is. At times it gets annoying. They want to know how much and what does he look like. Jaclyn and I don’t share that information. Are friends and family who really care about us never bring him up. And neither do Jaclyn and I. One day when we feel it’s time we will tell our girls everything. For now it’s Mommy and Mama were so in love that they made beautiful babies.



TNF: Are you married?

KARA: We are not married because we live in Florida. But we hope one day that will change.


TNF: Do you feel different from other families? If so, how so?

KARA: I do feel different than many families. Jaclyn would say no. I think we are cooler and way more fun! At the end of the day I know everyone is all the same. Family is family. No matter how you came about. We live in south florida. There is a huge gay population. So no we don’t have any issues. All though when we both show up at a mommy and me class we get “are you sisters?”


TNF: What has having a family meant to you?  

KARA: Having a family has meant my life is finally complete. It’s everything I’ve always wanted. It also means I will always have sticky floors and lots of laundry to do.


Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us!

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