Parenting Video Tips: Making Breakfast Fun

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By Brandy Black

making breakfast fun for kids

I remember some of my most cherished days as a child involved doing something that I had never done before, breaking the mold, changing things up.  One morning my father woke me up and said we were all going on a “around the world day”, the agenda was thai food for lunch (I had never had before), a French foreign film to follow (I was less than thrilled about reading my movie), an outdoor international festival downtown and German food for dinner.  Being a sassy teenager I thought it was a horrible idea, I argued with my parents all the way until I took my first bite for Pad Thai.  It ended up being one of my favorite days to date.  Now that I’m a parent of three kids, I see the comfort our children feel in monotony and yet when we do something out of the norm, it suddenly becomes “the best day ever.”

So in an effort to change things up, we had a cake walk breakfast!  Check it out and try it at home.




Rules are simple:

Create 3 different types of pancakes

Have your children make numbered drawings, and put corresponding numbers in a hat.

Make the pancakes

Begin the musical chairs version of the pancake walk.

Watch and see.

Feel free to share your suggestions with us for creative ways to keep your kids entertained.

We might just share it in our crazy adventures with our little family of three!

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