Spotlight Series: Andy and Casey – Love and Pride

Spotlight Series: Andy and Casey


TNF: Tell me about your family. Are you married?

ANDY: We are not married at this point. It has only been a recent option for us in the state of Oregon. However, in our state we have full rights to our kids through a co-parent adoption.

TNF: Do you have kids? Any specifics about the formation of your family (adoption, biological, via surrogate, etc.)?

ANDY: Our situation was very unique and an awesome story. We have 7 year old twins!  A boy and a girl.   We have some friends (a straight couple) that Casey met back in college and has remained close with them over the years.   They had leftover embryos from their recent invitro/pregnancy process.   During a weekend visit we were having a discussion about what they were going to do about the remaining embryos that were not used during the process. As an “off the cuff” comment we said “we could take them off your hands if needed” So….. We did! We found a surrogate through an agency and after a transfer of three embryos she became pregnant with two. In October 2006 our twins were born beautiful and healthy. She was out of state so we did have to go through the Oregon/Idaho adoption process in order to gain full parental rights.

TNF: How did you meet your partner?

ANDY: My partner and I met through some mutual friends in 2003.

TNF: What do your children call you?

ANDY: They generally call us both daddy. However if there is a need to distinguish which daddy they are speaking to or referring to we are “Daddy Andy” or “Daddy Casey”


TNF: Do you feel different from other families? If so, how so?

ANDY: We do not feel like our family is different than any other household with two full time working parents. The household responsibilities are split 50/50 and we both step in to do whatever needs to be done when it needs to be done. Both of the kids are very well adjusted and will gladly tell anyone they have two dads or that their family is as unique as the next one.

TNF: Where do you live? Is it tough being a gay couple where you live? Do you feel accepted?

ANDY: We live in Portland, Oregon. Our community is a very laid back community that is progressive in most cases. In Oregon being gay has not been an issue at any point for us. We both feel accepted in our community. We have always been welcomed with and without our kids.

TNF: What has having a family meant to you?

ANDY: For us having a family gives us a clear reflection of ourselves and who we are as people. What is important to us reflects in our children and the decisions we make with them daily. The values we instill help them to become better people, no different than what any other parent tries to do for their children.

Seeing things daily through their eyes is an awesome perspective and an invaluable lesson in not taking everything so seriously.


Thank you for sharing your gorgeous family with us!  


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