New Children’s Book Depicts Two Gay Princes Marrying – Love and Pride

New Children’s Book Depicts Two Gay Princes Marrying

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A new children’s book featuring same-sex marriage has been written by business professor Jeffrey Miles at the University of the Pacific.

The Princess and the Treasure is a story of two princes out to save a princess, but end up falling in love with each other. They get married and live happily ever after.

“With the progress of same-sex marriage, I wanted young and old alike to be able to read a fairy tale story that included gay marriage,” Miles said.

1 Princess ElenaWhile sitting at an amusement park castle watching a show, Miles started thinking about the crushes he had on princes as a child and the feeling he had when he realized the princes only fell in love with the princesses.

“I knew that I was never going to be a handsome prince because I was never going to fall in love with my own beautiful princess,” Miles said The Advocate. “That story was never going to happen for me.”

So, he decided to write his own fairytale book. Both gay and straight parents seem to be enjoying the story.

“Straight couples tell me they love the story,” he said. “They say they didn’t have a good way to talk about same-sex marriage with their little children, and this book has been a great way to talk about it. I specifically wrote the story to be romantic and not sexual.”

GallantKids like the story as well.

“I wondered if kids would comment that the story has two men who get married. I’m happy to say that kids love the story just like the other famous fairy tale stories. Kids see that the story is about two people who fall in love and get married. All of the kids who have read the story don’t find it unusual that the two characters who get married happen to be two men,” Miles said. “Kids seem to see that love can happen between two people regardless of the couple’s gender. I’ve been amazed how easy that idea is for kids to understand and how hard that is for some adults to understand.”

Right now the book is available in 137 countries as well as in all major retailers and online.


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