A Father’s Day Wish

Jason Holling

By Jason Holling
I Love You Dad

Father’s Day this week takes on a special meaning for Justin and me. While we think back on our journey trying to adopt, there is little that we would change or do differently. It has brought us closer together as a couple. The roller coaster of emotions that we get when the phone rings or we see someone tag our adoption profile let us know we are on right track and ready to become dads. Today I thought forward to the future and what future Father’s Days might look like. I imagine our child getting up early and we would sneak downstairs where I would help them make pancakes and pour orange juice to make Justin breakfast in bed. We would carefully walk up the stairs with the tray where they would jump on the bed and yell “Happy Father’s Day!!!” as I put the breakfast near him. I think I would be tearful knowing our journey worked out and we are raising a wonderful child of our own.

I pulled out some letters I was writing for the baby book over the last year. I thought I would share one that was particularly moving for us. This was one of the sections in the baby book called “While We Wait” that talks about some of hopes, dreams, and feelings while Justin and I waited to adopt. We hope you enjoy it and it’s a small glimpse into the love and dreams we hold for the future. We hope all the fathers out there have a great Father’s Day and take time to give their children a warm hug and let them know they mean the world to you.

To our unborn child:
Your dads have been thinking more about your arrival into our family lately and we are excited to welcome you into our lives and hearts. We talk about what your name will be frequently and have it narrowed down to a short list. We know that one of those names will be perfect for you and will come to us when we hold you in our arms for the first time.

It will be an amazing thing for you to be welcomed into our family and surrounded by love. There are so many people that are waiting to meet you and greet you with warmth and love that your dads cannot count all of them if we tried. Whatever we name you, whoever you become, whenever you come to us we promise you will always be surrounded by love.

Your dads won’t be perfect and we will make mistakes, but we do promise we will have the right intentions and do our best and raise you with every opportunity in life we can give you. As you get older, we will not see eye to eye all of the time and we will get in disagreements. But know that our love for you will be the same and live on forever.

There will be many voices calling you over your years – but hold fast to the one deep inside you that is your heart and passion. Let it define you and allow you to follow your passions. Do not let anyone steer you away from what’s right or crush your spirit. May you always have faith in yourself and know you can do anything you set your mind to. God has sent us here for a purpose…. pursue it and don’t just exist. Be the change in this world your dads hope for.

There is no one like you in this world. You were brought to us for a reason. Your dads have had so many opportunities and experiences in this life. We hope you have the same joys and experiences. We hope we create many memories together as a family built on love. Make close friends, have fun, and enjoy every moment of life.
We cannot wait for your arrival and for this incredible journey to truly begin. We have dreamed of being dads our entire lives and know that meeting you will be the greatest moment in our lives. We will make many wonderful memories together. May you read this throughout your years or perhaps after we have passed from this world and remember that you were loved. You were loved even before we held you the first time. You will always have our hearts.

Your Dads

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