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Poop Parents, Poop!

By Susan Howard

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Poop is on my mind, the whole family has been struck with a pretty bad digestion flu.  My oldest daughter struggles with a fear of pooping.  One thing I know is that if I can’t poop I am not happy.  Another thing I know is cardiovascular exercise helps you poop, running being number 1 on the poop o meter.  Almost as good as a shot of double espresso, working out helps you to metabolize your food and thus poop.  Have I said poop too much?  Really I am just getting started.

Workouts help aid your digestion so much I am convinced I had a client 3 mornings a week, just so he could get the elusive bowel movement.  Some sessions were shorter than others.

Which brings me to my next point, people that workout are happier.  Why?  Because they are not walking around with a full colon!  It’s uncomfortable to not be processing your food correctly.  There is a sluggish bloated feeling one gets from carrying around meals of yeaster year.  It is not happy or healthy.  If you’ve ever walked by a garbage can of old rotting food sitting around you can tell from the stink it ain’t right.

Let’s flashback several years to a little me.  Little me had no formal exercise routines, made random food choices drank small amounts of water and had HORRIBLE digestion.  It’s only in my adult life that I have cracked the code to my own awful stomach.  Thank the porcelain gods for that!

So if you are not pooping daily you need to up your anti in cardiovascular activities.

Just another reason to workout and be happier in your day.


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