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Parents: The Longest Winter. Ever.

By Melissa Mensavage

Trapped with kids in cold Chicago weather

Photo Credit: Arvell Dorsey

We are nearing the end of the winter season, from a calendar perspective.  In 17 days it will officially be Spring.  However, on tap for this week is another three inches of snow in the Chicagoland area, in addition the lovely frigid temps of less than 15 degrees.

I love living in Chicago, its my home and well, because we typically see all four seasons.  Some years, one may last longer than normal, or start earlier or later than expected.   So when I hear about snow storms or extreme heat, I am not phased.  I mean I live in Chicago.  Anything goes here.

However, this current winter season has just lingered a bit too long.  And its seems even longer with two young boys.  My house feels like it’s the size of a box of matches.  We are crawling all over each other.  We are all tired of being cooped up.

When cabin fever hits, along with it comes short tempers, irritability, laziness, too much screen time.  It dosent make for any fun in my house.  So this past weekend, I purchased a group pass to our community’s recreational center’s indoor jungle gym.   The best $20 I’ve spent in a long time.   Of course, as I was sitting there yesterday morning watching the boys run all around crazy and screaming and having a good time for themselves, I thought, ‘WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THIS SOONER??’ … hindsight.  It kills me.

boys playland

 Its hard to write this months post because I most certainly have the winter blues.  Not a serious case where I would need to seek help, but surely the ‘I am SO breaking up with you Old Man Winter!’.   Not much goes on here during these boring months and I find cheap entertainment for the boys.  (see above)

As I surf Pinterest and other websites that are advertising Spring, I am so ready to start doing these activities.  Man, I’ll even settle for temps above 40.  We can at least get outside and ride our bikes or play with our trucks, let the fresh air inhabit our lungs and minds.   Now that is a great feeling!

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Melissa Mensavage

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