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It is Time to Veto Some People’s Use of the Word “Christian”

By Rob Watson


This week a conservative governor of a conservative state vetoed a bill that would have given “Christians” the right to discriminate against LGBT people. I use quotes around the word here because even though the bill, and those like it cropping up across the country, claim to be about “religious freedom”, they are not. The religion at the heart of this so-called freedom has been churches that call themselves “Christian”, and the beliefs that these bills are supposed to support are reportedly “sincerely held”.

My biggest problem with this is that bigotry is not a true Christian principle. Maybe vetoing these discrimination bills is not enough. Maybe we in society should also filter our use of the term Christian and use it only for people who truly adhere to its simple principles.
The second great commandment of Christ is: “Love your neighbor as yourself”. This is a high directive and value for equality. It could not be more clear. If one cannot live up to treating others “as yourself”, then the right to call one’s self a “Christian” should be….vetoed.

I am no longer on board with calling people who are elitist and evil “Christian” just because they insist that we do. No more. They have to earn it.
Uganda and Nigeria want to imprison gay people for life, or kill them. They are NOT Christian. Barbaric, evil, despicable, grotesque…. But NOT Christian.
Tony Perkins stated “American liberals are upset that Ugandan Pres is leading his nation in repentence—afraid of a modern example of a nation prospered by God?” That statement is NOT said by someone who has the right to be called “Christian”. An American Taliban, a Heretic, an Opportunistic Slime… sure, but NOT a “Christian”.

Bryan Fischer has said “Homosexuality now against the law in Uganda, just as it was for 200 years in the US. It can be done.” He is NOT “Christian”. Evil, nutty, extremist…. Yes. He does not deserve to be called “Christian”.

Scott Lively who said, “This is a huge blessing for Uganda and for me personally after having been vilified globally (and falsely) for two years by the leftist media as the accused mastermind of the death penalty provision. Please give this story your best push for maximum exposure. “ He is NOT “Christian”. If a man acts and speaks like a terrorist, let’s take a page from the accuracy of the Associated Press and call him one.

The Elitist Religious Fanatics of the U.S. (see how easy that was?) have been all in a twit over the right to not serve gay people. They have also been furious that some people refuse to use the word “Christmas” in commercial retail transactions (oddly, an insistence of which is not “Christian” in itself). I say we go one better and withhold the use of the word “Christian” ONLY for the people who act, espouse and represent it accurately.

We are, after all, in the Age of Word Accuracy.

So, please, I seriously implore you, if you write… please refuse to call anyone “Christian” unless they meet the Christ principle standards to do so. Please pass this standard on to all others you know who write… and to news organizations… and petition the Associated Press because, to use the word principles as given by Mr. Minthorn, word authoritarian of the Associated Press, to call any of the men I have described in this article, or any of the millions of Americans who agree with them, “Christians” would be “ascribing a philosophy to someone and suggests a knowledge that we don’t have and is not apparent. It seems inaccurate. Instead, we would use something more neutral: “seething idiots”, or some such, if we had reason to believe that was the case.”
And, I am not kidding…..share this, share this, share this… until the Seething Idiots get the message.

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Rob Watson

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