Reliving Christmas – Love and Pride

Reliving Christmas

Jason and Justin are a couple waiting for a match with birthmother to start their family.

Jason and Justin are a couple waiting to match with a birth mother to start their family. They look forward to reliving Christmas with their child.

This time last year Justin and committed to starting our family through adoption. Despite all the hustle and bustle of the season, Justin and I love Christmas. We love to decorate. We love to give gifts. We love spending time with our family — well at least a few days before we are ready to strangle each other!

The best part for us is that moment when all the gifts are under the tree and the last dishes from a big dinner are being washed that makes it all worthwhile. There is not another store to go to or another gift to buy. There is nothing else we can do but sit back and enjoy time with the family with a full stomach.

Justin and I have many nieces and nephews to spoil while we wait for our own child to adopt. My favorite was my niece and her glitter boots. She was so excited when she opened the package that she dropped the other gifts around her to put them on. And she wore them for 2 days straight! Only taking them off for bedtime. We love watching the kids get excited opening the gifts. It’s truly the magic of the day that makes us leave but at the same time want to adopt a child of our own even more.

Justin and I look forward to sharing the joy of Christmas with our child in the years to come. It will be like reliving the joy and excitement of the holidays with our little one that we experienced when we were little. We look forward to building new traditions with our family of putting up the Christmas tree, counting down the days until the big day, and spending time with grandma and grandpa on Christmas day.

I can’t wait for day we are putting out the cookies and milk for Santa. Or the excitement in the morning when we have a toddler jumping on our bed to go see what Santa brought them. Hearing the excitement in their voices as they rip open the paper to see a gift will make the wait to adopt all worthwhile.

We are lucky to experience this with our nieces and nephews while we wait…hopefully next year our wish to adopt will come true and we can start to experience this magic during the holiday season with our child.
We are an approved family with Independent Adoption Center. Visit our profile and Dear Birthmother Letter at

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Jason Holling

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