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Sexy Food

By Susan Howard


A client of mine having great success in both fitness and weight loss, goes to a Weight Watchers meeting once a week to weigh in and to hear words of inspiration.  Although she has maintained her weight loss for over two years, she goes to be reminded of good habits and to support a friend in his weight loss endeavor.  At one  meeting, her leader explained that every meal you eat doesn’t have to be sexy.  To those of you that are foodies this may ring a bell.  To my client, who is an excellent gourmet cook, this idea floored her.   No amuse-bouche?  No farm to table? No burrata pizza with a balsamic reduction?

As the Food Network has transformed food into porn, we tend to obsess about our next meal or feel the need to try the newest snout to tail eatery.  To maintain a healthy weight, it’s easier to just come up with some nutritious choices and push repeat.   That’s why I say on Sunday night get yourself set up for the week by hard boiling a dozen eggs, sautéing some chicken breasts and make a yummy grain, quinoa or brown rice.  So you are ready with quick easy fix ups when you are hungry.  Sometimes for a meal you just got to get it done.  Success favors the prepared.  At any given time I have on hand string cheese, Greek yogurt, raw almonds, chopped greens, and various fruits.

Sometimes I don’t have the extra time to make a whole meal, but I can grab a string cheese and an apple and off I go.  Don’t expect every meal to be the most delicious fried crispy saucy morsel you may crave, remember you are feeding your body.  Think protein, carbs, and fat, some of which should be in most meals and snacks, the less processed the better.  If you find a meal that is fairly good tasting and healthy, push repeat.

Let me take this notion a step further and say every workout doesn’t have to be sexy.  I used to think if I didn’t max out weight training or run it wasn’t worth doing it at all.  Now my goal is consistency over intensity.  Which isn’t to say a hard ass session isn’t useful, merely that it’s better to make it to the gym than to worry you only have thirty minutes to workout.  Just go and turn in the best workout you can do that day.

Above all be kind to yourself.  You’re all you got.

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