Spotlight Series: Jaime and Arianna – Love and Pride

Spotlight Series: Jaime and Arianna

Lesbian couple from Maryland

TNF: Tell me about your family.

Jaime: Arianna and myself were married on November 27th of this year. I  have a son with my ex-partner which whom I share joint custody with. Jaidin is 2 ½ and was born with down syndrome. She was the birth mother but I have legally adopted him and I am on his birth certificate. Arianna has taken over the role as stepparent but she doesn’t look at him as her stepchild; they love each other the same.

TNF: How did you meet your Arianna?

Jaime: Not many people know this, but we actually met on Instagram. It happened by accident really. Neither one was out looking for the other, we just happened to fall into the lives of each other. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and I couldn’t be more thankful for social media lol.

TNF: Do you feel different from other families?

 Jaime: No, we don’t feel different from other families. We aren’t different. We share the same love and bond as any family does. We face discrimination at times but we try not to let it bother us. We get the usual stares but we have become used to it. We figure people are just curious about our family; we are two lesbians with tattoos, raising a child, and the child has down syndrome. That intrigues people; it is not something that you see on a daily basis.

TNF: Where do you live?  Is it tough being a gay couple where you live?

Jaime: We live in Chester, Maryland; we are on an Island surrounded by water and super nice people. We thought that moving to a small island, kind of in the middle of nowhere, that we would have issues but everyone has been so nice and accepting.

TNF: What has having a family meant to you?

 Jaime: It feels amazing having a family, having something to work harder for, to fight for. We are so happy with our family and cannot wait to add more little ones.

TNF: Have the current changes in marriage laws had any affect on you?

Jaime: The laws have had a positive impact on us because we are now allowed to be married in Maryland. We can live the same way a straight married couple will live. Not to mention, that it makes having kids a lot easier!

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Thank you Jaime and Arianna for sharing your story with us.  Congratulations on your recent marriage!  

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