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By Lisa Regula Meyer


Today marks the start of the holiday shopping season, the day after Thanksgiving, when Americans take to the malls in droves looking for spectacular deals on the latest, greatest thing for this year.  Or at least it had been the start of the shopping season until the recent craze of opening earlier and earlier began.  So this year while most of us are home enjoying a holiday feast with our loved ones, retail employees will be stocking shelves and ringing up orders of people who can’t wait another day to spend.

I’ll admit that I have a vested interest in maintaining the day off that had been far more common just a few years ago, as Dwight works in retail.  Having a day off to celebrate the holiday with family is also something that I believe is just plain the right thing to do.  It’s not often that families today have a day set aside that everyone can be together, between more businesses being open more hours, and many people working more than one job.  The biggest irony that I see is the messaging that we send- give thanks and treasure time with those you love on one hand, and love is equal to a purchase, but especially a deeply discounted one, on the other hand.  It’s a sad way to start the season, in my opinion, focusing on the purchases and the profits instead of being together.

I realize that their are some people who want to work on the holiday to earn extra income for the holidays, and I hope that those are the people who are the ones staffing the Thanksgiving retail floor, but I also know that at most stores these will be mandatory work days to make sure that staffing levels are high and customer service is up.  Wouldn’t valuing families mean paying people enough that a day off with their own families was a sacrifice that they could afford?

As much as I may be complaining, I’m thankful that- for the most part- we’ll have some time together as a family this holiday season.  I cooked for our kin that can make it, and lit a candle for those that couldn’t.  It’s entering the end of the semester, which is a busy time for the students and teachers alike, and we have both in Dwight’s side of the family.  I’m thankful for the chance to do what I love and teach biology to undergraduates.  I’m thankful to have my dissertation done and submitted, and my hooding coming up.  I’m thankful for the families that I’ve seen through the family building process, and child-free friends who remind me of my more carefree days before kids (and let Kenny and I participate in their big Random Acts of Kindness endeavors).

Being thankful for these things makes me want similar privileges- family, friends, living wages, education- for other families as well.

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