Two Moms and The Father Daughter Dance

By Brandy Black


Our daughter is in Kindergarten now. The immense change that has already transpired this year blows my mind, our conversations have evolved in ways I’ve always dreamed of and I’m so proud of the girl she has become.  I worry, everyone knows this, about protecting my kids from the evils and misunderstandings of the world.  I would do anything to ensure that none of my children feel hurt or pain even though I know this too is one of life’s little gifts.

I do know, however that life will be a bit more complicated for my children because of the parents they have.  Even though the country is changing rapidly and laws are slowly embracing LGBT families, we are not safe from bullying and discrimination.  My wife and I are lucky to live in a city that is rather accepting of a two mom family and we rarely face outward discrimination but there will always be an opportunity to educate those around us.  I correct people daily that make the assumption that I have a husband or my children have a daddy.  I don’t mind this, it is understandable that they jump to that conclusion, I often wonder if I inadvertently do the same. But what I am most grateful for is those around us that are thoughtful and understanding of families like mine.

I went to our first parent/teacher conference for grammar school.  Our 5-year-old has two teachers. Both teachers referenced me as Mama and Susan as Mom, they had taken the time to get it right, to know that those words have significant meaning.  Susan could not be with me (thank god for the voice memo app on my iphone so that I could record it) and my daughter’s teacher  seamlessly referenced her in conversation as my wife.  I volunteer at school once a week and one day in class the teacher was talking to the children about their parents and she said “Mommies and Daddies or Moms and Mamas” and I actually laughed, which I realize wasn’t the best reaction especially considering how happy it made me but I was genuinely surprised.  All of these simple choices in wording can make a family feel like they have made the right choice in schools, friends, colleagues etc. It is the simple use of parent/parents in place of Mommy or Daddy that are inclusive rather than exclusive.

Our school has a dance coming up called the Daughters’ Dance. This is inclusive rather than the exclusive title it had in previous years “Father Daughter Dance.” I was told that a child with heterosexual parents had a best friend that had two moms and she felt that Father Daughter Dance did not fairly represent her BFF’s family, she petitioned to the school to have the name changed.  And so they did.  From what I understand it wasn’t that they were trying to be exclusive it simply hadn’t occurred to them. These things are simple, and sometimes take a little thought that perhaps not all parents are the same, perhaps there is only one parent in the family.  It has been a work in progress but awareness and understanding makes all the difference in the world.

I realize living in a big city like Los Angeles can make life much easier for two moms  than raising a family in a rural part of the United States, I know that there are families that struggle to be understood by those around them.  I spent quite a bit of time with the Executive Director of Family Equality talking about the laws that need to change, the support that is lacking for the LGBT community and the challenges that we face but I don’t want to forget to celebrate the wins that happen every day. The teachers, friends, doctors, colleagues, and even strangers that make my day by bending down to my daughter and saying “You’re a pretty lucky kid to have two moms.”  It’s not that my kids are any luckier than anyone else, it’s that they are just  as lucky.



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