Has the Price of Nannies Gotten Too High?

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By Rosy Barren   nanny
I know this is a controversial topic, after all we are talking about our children here! But, indulge me for a moment.  I had a job out of college, actually in my twenties in which I worked 40 hours a week and I made 28K a year, that equates to roughly $13 an hour.  I worked hard and taxes were taken out my paycheck like everyone else.  I had to work two additional catering jobs just to make extra cash to pay the bills.  It wasn’t that long ago. I know young people that are now facing the same measly income, have you ever checked out what MTV pays their college educated entry level positions?
Now let’s examine what a Los Angeles nanny makes.  In my search I have found $15.00 an hour for one kid and upwards to $20 for two kids!  How did that happen?  I’m sure this is the jealous, bitter mom in me but it’s tough to swallow spending that much money to let someone do what I only wish I could all day.  Reading books, playing at the park, going to music classes, showing up in sweatpants and not having to face an angry, micromanaging, hovering boss like in my twenty-something job.  Yes, I want someone that will love my children like I do, of course I want them safe but the intern in my office who I’m sure isn’t making that much would likely be all of those things. So before you start ranting, consider my logic.  These nannies are making 41,600 a year, some of them with credit cards, gym memberships and two weeks vacation. And fellow parents are still complaining about them!  If you have the money to offer that, good for you but I can’t help but wonder if other parents are driving up the price of nannies? A savvy nanny compares her pay at the park with other babysitters and is suddenly able to negotiate a much higher income.
I can’t help but wonder if the price of nannies has gotten too high.  Has the quality of today’s nanny changed?  In my research some of these girls aren’t doing anything differently, some of them won’t even clean or pick up the house. I’d like to hear your feedback.
Research shows these as the average hourly rates, but again in my experience LA is much higher than quoted below
San Francisco- $14-15.50
LA- $12.50-14.00
Seattle- $11.25-$12.25
Denver- $10.00-$10.25
New York- $13.50-$14.00
Boston- $12.50
I’d like to hear your feedback.  What do you pay where you live and what do you consider fair?

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