Spotlight Campaign: Kristin and Diane – Love and Pride

Spotlight Campaign: Kristin and Diane

By Brandy Black

same sex parents spotlight

TNF: Tell me about your family.

Kristin: We live in Middletown Pa, Bucks County.  We met a mile away from our home now.  Diane owned the house across the street from my parents’ house.  As neighbors we became friends and feelings began to form.  We dated for about 9 months before we became official and moved in together.  Ten months later we were engaged; yes the cliché of proposing in Magic Kingdom at Disney World under the fireworks.  We took our time and planned and paid for our wedding by ourselves since neither of our parents had the financial means.  Our official wedding day was August 28th of 2010, which took place on the beach of Asbury Park, NJ.   Then we traveled back to PA to fulfill the reception that would be close to home.

Same Sex parents spotlight series


Same sex parents spotlight series

TNF: Do you have any kids?

Kristin:  At this time, we have one child, he is 6 years old.  We found him on an adoption website within our state, almost like a catalog of foster children that need permanent homes.  We fell in love immediately and just knew this was meant to be…and it was.  He is a biracial, low functioning, autistic little boy that we love more than words can express.  We were told he may never be able to talk, plus many other things that people take for granted, it was not promised would ever happen for him.  He is now talking quite often and has already overcome the challenges we were told would continue through out his life.  Now, we are opening our home to foster/adopt up to 4 more children.  We feel that after seeing our boy live through 3 foster homes in 2 years and face neglect and abuse, we need to save as many children as possible.

Same Sex parents spotlight series


The Next Family Same Sex Parents

TNF: Do you feel different from other families?

Kristin: Living in the area that we do, there are many prejudices that we see quite often.  It went from having an issue being in a straight bar/restaurant looking “obviously gay” to now being 2 mommies with a biracial child.  Our area is very judging if you are not the typical Caucasian straight family.  We deal with things as we go, trying best to protect our child and future children in every possible way.  We do have a few very close friends here that are family to us, that are, of course, the exception to the rule.  We have made the decision to not adopt a child that is dark skin African American only because being adopted is hard enough, let alone adopted as an African American that will stand out with 2 white mommies.  We could never let a child deal with all that ridicule that would come living where we do.

We feel very different from a lot of families that we know.  We don’t know what it is like to go through child birth, feel the growth, and witness his birth.  We don’t even have baby pictures of our son.  But on the other hand we know what is it like to fight for something and we battle every day to make him feel that we will love him for the rest of our lives, unconditionally.  Not only is it tough bringing an adopted child into the mix of friends and family, but being an autistic child raises that bar to a whole new level.  We have to weigh the surroundings and how it may affect him.  Simply going to a birthday party means thinking it through first, if not the right setting it can throw him completely off.  He can’t ask for things or have conversations with other children; he doesn’t have the capability.  Those that judge us or him have found their way out of our life, those who haven’t are considered family or showed the meaning of family and are the world to us.

TNF: What does having a family mean to you?

Kristin: Having a family has meant the world to both of us.  We are extremely proud of how far we have come and all that we have accomplished.  Now we are not just the lesbian couple that show up to kiddie parties with no kids, we are a part of the group for once.   We fought hard to have what we have and remember that fight everyday, we can’t take a thing for granted.

Same sex parents spotlight series

Thank you Kristin and Diane for allowing us to interview you. You are a true inspiration and we hope you keep in touch as your family grows.

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