GLSEN Respect Awards 2013 – Love and Pride

GLSEN Respect Awards 2013

By Brandy Black

The Next Family attended the GLSEN Respect Awards in Los Angeles on October 18, 2013. We caught up with some talented and amazing people that had great stories to share on the red carpet. Kirsten

Kirsten Vangsness from Criminal Minds showed us pictures of her as a teenager. “I was bullied pretty relentlessly” When asked what a parent should do when their kids get bullied Kirsten said “You have to lead by example, if a child or a parent walks into a space knowing their worth, that they are valuable and equal, it’s not going to happen as much.”

Brandy: Do you want to have kids?

Kirsten:  “I’m a big proponent of adopting, a big proponet of foster care.  It’s not on the table at this point in my life. A lot of my friends have kids and I’m really good at picking them up and putting stickers on them and if that makes a good parenting, then I will be.”


Dan Bucatinsky, writer, actor, film producer and husband of screenwriter Dan Roos was in attendance. If you haven’t caught his book Does this baby make me look straight? You should check it out!


Mayim Bialik, actress on Big Bang Theory and single mom to her two sons, spoke with me about life at home. It is not about being a celebrity. She shops at Costco, eats leftovers occasionally, and does her best to be a good parent to her boys. “I try to always admit when I’m wrong” she tells us of her parenting style. With a vegan cookbook out and a humble demeanor, she is an inspiration.


Peter Paige is the creator of The Fosters on ABC Family, about an interracial lesbian couple who are married and are raising biological and adopted children together. He spoke with me about being bullied as a kid and his support for GLSEN.  His show is a great success and he’s got some good projects in the works.  Keep an eye out for this  dynamo!

robbie rogers
Robbie Rogers from Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team was the first openly gay athlete in major league soccer. He came out in February and was the honorary co-chair of the GLSEN Respect Awards.

Jim and Todd

Jim Parsons, actor on Big Bang Theory, and his partner Todd Spiewak, art director/graphic designer arrived together right before the Respect Awards at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

It was a gorgeous evening filled with glistening starts…Lily Tomlin even breezed by us. I look forward to the next one!

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