Spotlight: Emily and Annie – Love and Pride

Spotlight: Emily and Annie


TNF: How did you two meet?

Annie: We met in The Stonewall Chorale, the first LGBT choral group in the country. Emily is an alto and I am a soprano. We were both with other people at the time, but we knew right away that we were meant to be together. After an agonizing year of figuring things out, we were legally married in NYC  (though we live in NJ, where it may happen soon!)  We both work in New York City, and really feel like New Yorkers even though we live across the river. A couple of weeks later we had a small family wedding in our close friends’ yard two doors down from our home.




TNF: Do you have children?

Annie: We have twin boys who were born on August 13, 2013. I have filed to adopt them as Emily carried them, we don’t want any legal issues later. I’m adopted myself so it seems normal to me (even though a straight couple who did IUI using an anonymous donor wouldn’t have to do that! But don’t get me started…)


TNF: Do you feel any different from other families?

Annie: We feel different from other families in a good way. We are both in education, have a very strong relationship, and are equal partners in raising our sons. Everyone we know says how lucky our boys are to have two mamas.

We are lucky that we live here in the Northeast. We do not feel different from other families at all. We have lots of friends with and without children, from all different family make ups. The other day we went to a meet and greet for the families in the Montessori school I am the Director of in Brooklyn, and all the families congratulated us on the new babies. No one even blinked that we are married and have a family. They were all just happy for us. Emily is from Texas, and when we go there we are just as open about being together, but do not always feel the love back. Her family is wonderful and more than accepting, but we can always see how much more awareness needs to be grown in that part of the country than here. Both our families are very accepting, and they are thrilled about our new additions!


TNF: What has having a family meant to you?

Annie: Having a family means the world to us. We know how lucky we are to have two healthy, sweet boys. Many people who struggle with their sexuality or coming out also struggle with whether or not they will have a so-called “traditional family”. As soon as we fell in love, we knew we wanted a family, and feel so much gratitude each day for finding each other and having our boys.

TNF: How have your lives changed now that you have twins?

Annie: Besides being exhausted, we feel complete now that the boys are here.  Our lives have changed but so much for the better.  It has made us evaluate our priorities, and have gratitude for the little things, like naps or time together as a couple.  We cannot imagine our lives without both of them, and we feel that they were just waiting for us to find each other so that they could come be with us.




Thank you Annie and Emily for sharing your beautiful family with The Next Family! 

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