Coming Out Day, Everyday

IMG_5965I came out to myself. Then to my sister. Then to my best friend. Then to some very close friends. Then to my parents and children. . . lastly, to other friends and then a blast on Facebook and my Surrogacy blog.

I was silly to think that blasting it on Facebook would do the job. No one ever told me that the process of coming out would be a daily occurrence, but for me, it usually is.

. . . when someone asks me what I did last weekend.

. . . when my children are inviting someone to spend the night.

. . . when the woman at the donut shop makes a comment about my handbag and how I must have a very nice husband.

. . . when I fill out my forms regarding my emergency contact

The list is endless.

I don’t usually mind coming out. I try to use it as a teachable moment, which is easy because unlike some lesbians, most people think I’m straight and I really seem to “throw” people at times.

However, on National Coming Out day, I will still remain closeted to one person . . . my waxer. If I ever see her when I have my clothes on and I’m not laying there exposed, maybe I’ll tell her . . . until then, it’s the pronoun game.

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