Gay Dad: Touching Times – Love and Pride

Gay Dad: Touching Times

By: John Jericiau

When you have kids, I think you become even more sappy and sentimental than your ordinary sappy  and sentimental self. I’ve been touched lately, at times to the point of crying, and here are some examples.

• When my son’s kindergarten teacher holds his face in her hands, looks in his eyes, and tells him how proud she is of the way he is trying to do his best in class, and how well he treats his classmates.

• When I see a Mom from school (who reads my blogs!) standing in the checkout line at Costco, and I sneak up behind her and jokingly ask her in a disguised voice if I can cut in line because I’m in a big rush. Without hesitation, and without yet seeing that it is I, she sings a cheerful “of course” and starts to selflessly step aside.

• When before going upstairs my guy kisses me good night, and I mean really kisses me, as if we will never see each other again, or as if it’s the first time we’ve ever kissed. Take your pick.

• When I overhear my oldest son, with his friend in the back seat of our minivan, say to his friend “My Dad is the fastest runner in the world. Isn’t that awesome!”

• When my nearly 11-month old son rolls onto his back and smiles from ear to ear when he sees me enter his room

• When our friend/surrogate, driving home with me after a particularly challenging excursion with the boys where my parenting skills were put to the test, tells me that she would do anything to carry one more child for us “because you’re that good of a dad”.

Isn’t life great?

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John Jericiau

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