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My Daughter Is Hitting Milestones Too Quickly

By: Brandy Black

I find myself crying a lot lately. Mostly tears of oh-my-god-life-is-moving-too-quickly-and-I-can’t-keep-up combined with my-daughter-is-becoming-a-little-girl-before-my-eyes. Since she started kindergarten a month ago it is as if she’s hit a million milestones. A couple weeks into school she had two teeth pulled at the dentist. Without me. I set a dentist appointment for Sophia to get a check-up and prepped Susan before she took her that they may suggest pulling a tooth.

I never dreamt that Susan would have them pull it on the same day, with no mental preparation for me or Sophia when it was 97 degrees, with a broken AC at the dental office. I was hanging at home with the twins when I got this text from my wife

photo text


I freaked out, panicked, called a dozen times, Susan would confirm this.  I drive her crazy.  She drives me crazy.  No answer.  No answer?  This was happening.  Next came a video from a bloody mouthed, happy Sophia with a tooth necklace dangling from her neck.  Two teeth, gone. Check.  First visit from the tooth fairy. Check. It happened too fast.  I wasn’t ready, I wasn’t there to hold her hand.

A couple weeks later, the homework began.  Sophia called me from Susan’s car on the way home from school to tell me that she had homework, her voice was high and excited.  She came running into my room/office a few minutes later, plopped on the bed and said “I’ll do homework while you work, isn’t this great?” Homework. Check.

Last Monday we started with Bob books, you know the scholastic books that are good starters for little readers.  She’s never read a sentence in her life, she knows cow, and all of our family names but that’s about it.  I haven’t pushed her, I’m more of a it-will-happen-organically kind of parent.  Sophia’s never really shown interest.  We sat down together and I struggled through 15-minutes of torture, wanting to help her while she SLOWLY sounded out each word.  She finally made it through that damn book.  The next night, she asked to read again, this time, something clicked, I saw it happen, in the same way she learned to swim this summer.  Oh let’s check swimming off my list too.  But in that moment,I knew that she would be reading. Sure enough, one week later, she’s reading all of her Bob books.  I can hear a little voice in bed at night sounding the words out quietly.  Reading. Check.

Every night we do homework in two languages.  I’m watching this little girl grow up quickly before my eyes.  I can’t believe I’m the mother of a kid that is doing flashcards and writing in Japanese.  Our three kids sit on the playroom couch together flipping through books, they collect leaves in the backyard and then crunch them with their feet, they gather them again, fighting over the rake and then throw them in the air. It all happens so fast.





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