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Single Parent: And Just Like That …

… Summer comes to a close.


I usually write about the struggles or experiences I have as a single parent, but this time I want to show you that we are a happy family.  I tend to forget this when in the thick of parenting, when I am the bad cop and I am walking around the house like a screamin’ meamie because the house is a disaster or if one more fruit fly comes out of the kitchen sink drain I am putting a bomb in it.  (kidding of course)

So in between all of that, and even as I sit here and write this on Labor Day morning I can hear my two boys upstairs talking to each other in bed, we have a lot of laughs, smiles and fun.  Here, have a look.

beachcousins firsthike theobombed theofrosting wish


We went to the local pool with a giant sandpit, where I learned I need to work on my sandcastle building skills.  We explored a local park with our cousins.  Then we went on our first hike together (man I missed this activity!).  We enjoyed fresh fruit smoothies almost every day and learned that Theo can photo bomb with the best of them!  Theo’s choice dessert was teddy grahams and left over blue frosting.  And finally we  had a sole flower in the yard so Max made an End of Summer Wish.  It was a good summer indeed.

And you can see we do a lot of things together.  When I am away from work I hardly ever spend any time by myself unless its 4:30/5:00 in the morning where I get up just to veg and plan my attack on the day.  And maybe this contributes to the screamin’ meamie but the guilt of being away from them kills me.  Just yesterday Max got dressed all by himself.  I stood in the kitchen and rewarded him and had a little of relief but it hit me, he is growing up.  No more little sweet boy.  Now he is a boy who likes to wrestle and play with trains, can go to the bathroom all by himself and get himself dressed.

I will be honest, its great that the boys are gaining their independence, frees up time for us to do fun things.  This internal struggle I have I am pretty sure does not go away, hence why I rarely do anything now.  I figure when they are older and I have much more time to myself I’ll be able to date, have dinner with friends, read a book, etc.  And I will know when we do our seperate activities we will all be happy.

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