Being Bit by the Nesting Bug

Jason Holling

By: Jason Holling

We knew we were ready to become fathers when we started strolling down the baby aisles at Target to look at all the cute cribs, toys, and baby clothes. We had reached that point in our lives where we both were stable in our careers and relationship to welcome and care for a child. Even when we made the decision that we were ready to adopt, we held off purchasing things because we just did not know how long we would wait (which Justin had an issue holding me back from all the cute baby items!).  And the thought of seeing the room made into a nursery but no match was disheartening to us. But something came over us once our profile went live with our agency, Independent Adoption Center (IAC).  Something we can only describe as a nesting bug.

While the biggest issue has been the desire to get the nursery prepared, we have also been compelled to take on home improvement projects that have not been a priority for years as well as clean out closets and other spaces in our house. Justin will probably say it’s more me that has lost my mind and caught the nesting bug (but I see him getting into my purchases just as much!). It started off innocent with us researching a baby monitor and using a gift certificate I had gotten from a friend. Then it got triggered again when we saw a cute diaper bag that was designed for dads.

Soon after those first two purchases, Justin had a little surprise when he pulled into the driveway after work. He had to wade through boxes delivered from UPS to get to the front door. I had gotten a little carried away on my day off with some fun nursery items. I still remember getting that call from Justin about the boxes and him wondering what I had bought. I heard him struggling to pull the biggest box into the house from the front porch. I laughed nervously and then told him I bought a few things for the nursery from online. I’m surprised he did not turn off my credit card that night!

Pile of boxes.

Justin comes home to find the front porch filled with boxes. Jason had been bit by the nesting bug and started buying baby items once approved as a family with their adoption agency.

Waiting for a birthmother to call us is the hardest part for me because I am a planner. I like to know when, where, what and be ready for all situations for what ever might come my way. So waiting and not knowing is the hardest part for me. That planner in me will be great when I a dad and preparing for our child’s sporting events, band, and other activities, but does not help during this phase of the adoption process.

We decided to make the nursery right next to our room and have started cleaning out the space that was a guest bedroom. Giving away and selling the furniture that we did not need to make room for a crib and diaper changing table.  Being able to do things like setting up the nursery or doing home improvement projects to get ready for the day we have a child in our arms is important to take our minds off the wait ahead of us.

Nursery photo

Jason and Justin prepare their nursery as they wait to be matched to a birth mother on their adoption journey.

When Justin tells our friends and family about the boxes he found that day, they all laugh and tell us to stop buying so they can throw a baby shower when we adopt. I know there will be plenty more to purchase and spoil our child with when the time comes, so we are not worried. The nesting bug hit us so we are ready with a safe spot for our baby when the time is right.
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