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Leading Up to the First Day of School

By:  Susan Howard

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Heather Has Two Mommies is a black and white book put out in the 80’s, one of the first, (if not the first) books of it’s kind to help children understand that all families are different.  A girl is starting her preschool and she gets upset as she tells the class she doesn’t have a Dad, she has two moms and so the story goes that each kid talks about their family.  Each kid draws a picture of what their family looks like, one being the child of stepparents, one being the child of a single mother and one being adopted.  It shows the transition from feeling different to being a part of the class.

We bought this book a long ago to give Sophia something to refer to that reflects her family.

My oldest daughter has always been able to take care of herself.  She mothers herself constantly.  When I get frustrated with her misbehaving she says, “Mom, you should take away T.V. from me tonight.”  Or on the rare occasion we keep her up late she puts on her own PJ’S and demands “Someone needs to put me to bed.”  She is very much like my wife Brandy in that way, in charge of what she needs and not afraid to get it.  “Sophia, you’re going to a real school tomorrow.”  “Why are you so upset Mom?” she asks.  “I am not upset, it’s just a big deal.  It’s school.”

The night before her first day of kindergarten she gets to pick two books before bed and one of them was Heather Has Two Moms.  I knew in that moment my Sophia was ready for big girl school.

Good luck Soph.  You’ll teach them a thing or two!

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