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Gay Dad: Fatigue Alert!


As the end of the summer sets over the horizon in a couple of weeks, we are trying to fit in as much as possible, and apparently so is everyone else. The other day another family (with two boys of their own) met us in the Goofy parking lot of the happiest place on earth (Disneyland), a day that cost us $499 before we even started it. We spent the entire day there, leaving at 11pm, and I didn’t have my other half with me. Just a 6-year old, a 5-year old, and an almost 9-month old. Sounds crazy, and it was. Luckily my friend, the matriarch of the other family, parents her kids similar to me (always keep upbeat and excited for the kids, but maintain behavior with a stern voice), so that made it nice.

Disneyland was packed, with the wait lines of the popular rides upwards of 100 minutes (which once you do the calculation you realize is a freaking long time). With two adults we could go on most of the rides while the other adult watches the strollered ones, and if we can convince the boys to say they were seven years old, the minimum age allowed on some rides.

Besides keeping upbeat the entire day, it was important to keep the boys hydrated and fed. The drinks and snacks I smuggled in at the bottom of the stroller, buried under the extra set of clothes, warm jackets, and emergency formula, helped immensely. The security glanced at the bottom of the stroller when they were checking my diaper bag, but when they saw the sleeping infant (Good job, Dustin!) I think they just didn’t want to go there!

I had pajamas waiting back in the minivan at the end of day, which made the transfer from van to bed once we got home a snap. They were asleep before we were even out of Goofy, as I had hoped they would be, because they would need their rest for the following equally epic destination: the Orange County Fair.

This huge carnival smells like sugar from the moment you enter the front gate after paying $34 for a family of five. Since it is a once per year event, and the whole reason for going to a carnival is the food, the boys (small and big) got a pass when it came to dietary concerns. After rides and games (and hundreds of dollars worth of tickets to get on these rides and play these games) we made it out of there by 9pm, with the boys asleep within a few minutes of departure.

Both events seemed perfect for mid to late summer events, and the boys were asleep with smiles on their faces. It’s taken Papa and Daddy longer to recuperate, however. Daddy is fatigued right down to the tips of his fingers, which makes even writing this blog post on his laptop difficult. That’s why I’m ending it here.

Eighteen days and counting until school begins.

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