Take it Easy

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By: Susan Howard


It used to be, if I didn’t sprint three 8 minute miles up hill, followed by 100 pushups and 500 crunches it wasn’t a workout.  If the veins in my head weren’t about to explode I wasn’t doing anything.   A 45minute hike was something I did to shake my legs out.  Even an hour and a half yoga class didn’t count as more than a rest day.  It was then that I taught at Barry’s Bootcamp in West Hollywood, where all the supermodels and twiggy actress go.  There is something funny about Hollywood in that it attracts very pretty people who will stop at nothing to be in ridiculously good shape.  As the instructor, it was my job to push the clients to the furthest possible place their bodies could handle.  This method brought results.  Assuming the overstressed ultra routine didn’t leave you injured you might get down to 10 percent body fat with toned muscles.

That was ten years ago.  Now I count EVERYTHING as a workout.  Hikes with friends, walks with the dog, tennis you name it.  My point of view has changed from needing to max out every gym visit to celebrating movement in my day.  Each day I aspire to move for at least 20 minutes.  I tell my clients to try for the same.  I do still go to the gym and sometimes put myself through a balls to the wall routine, it just depends on my mood.

My point is this, don’t discount activity, pay attention to each day and even if it’s not the max reps, gasping for breathe effort, commit to an active life.

You will feel better.  You will see thinks clearer.

The world is waiting.  Start now.

Susan Howard is a private trainer in Los Angeles

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