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Protect Your Children, Protect Your Assets

By: Brandy Black

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Parenting is a busy job, the to-do lists are endless and prioritizing becomes a necessity. Sometimes the most important things can be overlooked.  Family estate planning can be easily forgotten when dealing with the day-to-day needs of children but it is important to protect your family and make sure that you have made the big decisions that will ensure everything is taken care of should the worst happen.

Anthony Ross is an attorney in Los Angeles who helps families with wealth protection and estate planning.  I asked him for some quick tips and advice on how to turn the daunting task of wills and trusts into an action item that we can soon check off our lists.  He understands that parents never have enough time in their day and he wants to help simplify life.  After having gone through a messy situation with his own family not having put proper plans in place Anthony vowed that he doesn’t want to see anyone go through the turmoil he did.

Tips for the protecting your children: 

* If you own a home or have kids, don’t let the courts decide what happens to your family or your property. Contact an attorney and put plans in place just in case.

* If you have children- name legal guardianship for your children, long-term and short-term.  If something happens and the police show up and your babysitter doesn’t know what to do, child protective services will often take the children until they can determine who to leave them with.  Anthony’s firm provides a free resource called the Kids Protection Plan® in which you can name legal guardians for your kids in minutes. Check it out–TonyRoss.Kids Protection


One day while counseling a client, I realized that I could have prevented her issue without the expense of litigation if only she had come to me sooner.  In fact, I realized that a large percentage of the problems that I was helping my clients with were preventable.  It was at this point that I decided to forego the traditional, reactionary law firm model; it wasn’t enough to just react to problems, I wanted to help clients by anticipating and resolving issues before they became big, expensive problems.  I began to focus my practice on proactively helping business and families achieve success and then helping them pass those successes on to future generations.


Take the time to protect your family and your assets.  Tony Ross is part of a large network of attorney’s that assist families in estate planning, adoption, trusts and many other services.   He is a member of the Los Angeles Lesbian and Gay Chamber of Commerce and the Beverly Hills Bar Association and is dedicated to helping the parenting community at large.

Anthony Ross has kindly offered all TNF readers a free Family Wealth Planning session if you want to give him a call and find out how to get started.  Just tell mention you read about him on The Next Family. You can find more information here. 



The Next Family is a neutral party and does not endorse any specific services. We encourage you to give your feedback in our comments section so that others can benefit from your experiences. Anthony Ross is a proud sponsor of TNF. 





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