A Son With Two Moms – Love and Pride

A Son With Two Moms

By Brandy Black


When I was pregnant with twins, several of my friends told me that they hoped we were having at least one boy so we could experience both genders.  I didn’t really get why they kept telling me that boys are so different.  Once I found out I was having a son I wondered what life would be like for him being surrounded by girls, 2 moms and 2 sisters is quite a lot to handle.  I wondered if he would be attracted to boy things with all these females around him.  Is it learned or do boys just like trucks and cars and all boy things?

Now that my son is 18 months old, I understand why all my girlfriends desperately wanted to me to experience having a son.  He is very different.  He hugs, like a little monkey, holding tight and I can feel that I genuinely calm him when I’m near.  He is interested in all things that move, trucks, cars, balls, and trains.  He bangs his toys against windows, doors and his sister’s head. When he’s done with his bottle he passionately throws it to the floor and then says “uh-oh.”

He is protective of his twin sister and she remains his best friend.  He calls everything Bella.  He walks around the house saying “Bel-la, Belllla, BELLA.” He won’t stop hitting his her, he doesn’t listen, he runs right toward the street and fast. He is all boy.

He is mellow compared to his vivacious sisters, he comes along for the ride, he smiles and follows them around. He is vulnerable and not afraid to show it. He is cautious and careless all at once. He is a balance to our family and his happiness is infectious.  I can tell that he will heal and break my heart as he grows and experiences life.

He lights up a room of strangers and can often be found in the middle of circle of girls.  He flirts by fixing his eyes on his prey and coyly turning away and then back again.  He once got a woman in her car to stop, roll down her window and say “well hello little guy.”

Our little Penn among a sea of women.




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