My Sweet Bella Bell

By Brandy Black


I realized as soon as I had three kids that balancing attention is a tough job.  I worried that they would all blend together in my mind and I wouldn’t notice the little things that I always had with my first born.  In some ways that feels true, I haven’t written down the first sneeze or the first smile or the first laugh or the twins discovering their toes.  But what I hadn’t prepared myself for, having been an only child, was the very distinct personality differences they would all have at such a young age.  Bella, 17 months old, is obsessed with shoes.  We may have our very own Carrie Bradshaw in the house.   She picks out different ones every day. She not only picks them out for herself but for of the rest of us too.  Her concern is constantly about shoes.  Why aren’t we all wearing shoes all the time?  She insists on wearing them with her pajamas. She waddles around with a confidence like she runs this place.  She has also recently taken a liking to a particular floral (floral is in you know) cover-up for her dresses.  Yesterday in the hot heat she would not let me take it off.  When it’s wet from washing her hands she screams if I try to remove it.  This morning, she dug it out of the laundry basket and held it up to me.  I told her it needed to be washed and she began screaming.  When I put this wrap on her, she smiles and pets it and then waddles off to something else.

There is no blending in for this little girl, she has her own ideas and everyone will listen to them.  She has begun what friends of ours have coined “the Bella drop” in which she drops to the ground back rounded and head to the down, screaming when something goes wrong.  I remember learning a version of this for Drill Team in high school and it’s quite hard to drop yourself from standing like that.  We think she may be a cheerleader. She’s got the moves already.

She is a foodie.  She loves any kind of food and fully expects to be fed when anyone near her is eating.  She is that kid that will follow other kids to their treats assuming their parents brought enough for everyone.

She sits on my feet every morning while I blow dry my hair.  Her brother wanders around picking up toys, babbling but Bella plops down on my feet, stares up at me and waits patiently for me to be done. She is a little lover, she will walk right up to you and sit right down on your lap.  She loves to be held and could ride around on my hip forever.

Bella Bell, you are our sweet baby girl.



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