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Why I shouldn’t take my teenagers on vacation

By Carol Rood 

When my children were young I took them on vacations.  It was a struggle as they were still in diapers.  As a matter of fact, I took Joe Cool on a family vacation to Barbados and Puerto Rico when he was almost two, and I took both of them on vacation to Puerto Rico when Joe Cool was 4 and The Genius was 2.  I potty trained The Genius while on that vacation.  I just let him walk around diaper-less, and within a week he had it figured out.  Don’t judge, we were in a house with no carpeting so clean up was easy.

The Genius (in a diaper) carrying around the neighbor's kitten.

Joe Cool hanging out.

I took them on vacation as they became older as well.  I have taken them to the Poconos, Shenandoah, and Orlando (a few times).  They have always enjoyed themselves and since we usually stay at RCI resorts they have participated in activities like arts and crafts, putt putt golf, basketball, etc while we were on vacation.

Last week we took them to Massanutten Resort for Spring Break.  We arrived, brought in the luggage and groceries and this is where the two older teens ended up:

Joe Cool and The Hunter relaxing

On day two it was pretty quiet.  We did get them out of the condo to go to the Massanutten indoor water park. But they wanted to come home after only 2 hours because “It is boring and the little kids are annoying”  This is what they did the rest of the day:

boys relaxed

The Genius (who is 13) was not happy because he was having a good time and the older teens ruined his fun.  (Don’t worry I bought him a three day pass and made sure he went back and enjoyed himself two more times).

On day 3 we all went and made tie dye shirts.


Then the older teens spent the rest of the day like this:

teens day 2 and 3

Day 4:

Day 4

Day 5:

Day 5

On Day 6 we got them out of bed to go out just for a couple of hours.  Joe Cool and The Genius went ziplining. Otherwise they spent the day like this:

teens day 2 and 3

Fun right? Sigh…



On the other hand, Joe Cool, Bluebell and I had a ball!  We made tie dyed shirts, we played Candy Bag Bingo.

candy bag bingo

We went to the rec center and played pinball.  I worked out and walked. Bluebell took two camera classes.

The Genius made glycerin soap:

(r) fish in a fish tank (L) a spider with mango scented oil.

He made a stepping stone:

Beautiful stepping stone for my garden.

And won this super cool light playing games in the arcade.

Won with tickets earned at the arcade.

His older brother even spent some quality time one evening teaching him how to play Black Ops….oh joy!

ps3 evil vaca

I did get the older two boys out a couple of times.

Joe Cool and The Hunter out of the condo.

But The Genius had a ball!

The Genius ziplining!  (He did this two different days)

I may just take only The Genius on vacation next time!


At least he gets out of bed.



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Carol Rood

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