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Divorced and OUT: Marriage, Take Two?

By Kelly


It’s a funny thing how, after having a baby, you kind of forget the pain and stress associated with pregnancy and childbirth. Some say it’s to make sure you have another eventually. I think some might say the same thing about marriage. In the past, I’ve heard some divorced people discussing how they’d, “never make the same mistake.” I always assumed they meant they’d never get remarried . . . maybe they did or maybe they meant the mistake of marrying the wrong person.

I have friends and family that have been married more than once and I remember thinking, here they go again! But I get it now. For me, as messy as my divorce was and child custody issues continue to be, I knew I’d get remarried someday . . . but who knew I’d find my person so quickly? Is there a timeline we are supposed to stick to? What happens if you find your missing piece soon after? Who determines the definition of “too soon”? Weeks? Months? Years?

All I know is that I now have what I have always wanted and it feels amazing. We are moving in together very soon and someday we’ll be married. One day it may even be legal!  We discussed the possibilities from the get go (remember this?), and even though neither of us are sporting an engagement ring, we are women, so we have been talking about it for months.

Remember the u-haul joke? I think an updated version would be having a Pinterest Wedding Board a few weeks/months in? And Erin and I are totally GUILTY! We started a secret joint account so we could pin items for each other before we were public with our relationship and then it has morphed into the old school “wedding binder.” When are we going to get married? Who knows but it’s fun planning and sharing ideas with each other.

So first I came out to myself, then gradually everyone else . . . now I’m outing our Pinterest boards! Enjoy and happy repining!

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