A Parent’s Guide In Safeguarding Children from Injuries

By Jenna Smith

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Parents are always worried about their child’s safety. And even though we do our best to protect our kids, there’s always a possibility of injury.

Danger lurks everywhere. Even at home, there’s still no guarantee that our kids are free from freak accidents.

Injury is the leading cause of death in children between 0 and 19. That’s according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. More than 9 million children experience injuries in the United States.

And while we have no control when and where accidents happen, we can always minimize the chances of it happening to our kids by practicing safety precautions.

Examples of common child injuries and how to prevent them

Burns. More than 300 children suffer from burns every day. That’s very alarming. Scalds from steam and hot water commonly injure younger kids while older children get in direct contact with fire.

To avoid burns, do the following:

  • Always check water temperature when bathing your child.      It has to be lower than 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Install smoke alarm systems at home.
  • Have a fire escape plan and make sure to explain it to your kids. Older children need to know what to do in case of a fire.
  • Keep away matches and flammable substances.
  • Use safe cooking equipment. Always make sure that gas stoves are shut off after use.



Suffocation. Infants and toddlers can be easily smothered when sleeping with adults or choke on something.To avoid this, you must:

  • Make sure that babies have their own bed or crib to  sleep in, especially if you move a lot while sleeping.
  • The crib has to be free from hanging toys or anything that can be accidentally swallowed by kids.
  • For older children, teach them that games that involve choking are dangerous.
  • Teach them basic CPR just in case.

Cuts. These can be really serious. Major cuts can cause extreme bleeding and even damage veins. Plus, it can be very traumatic for a kid. The good news is it’s easy to prevent cuts as long as you do the following:

  • Keep knives, scissors, and tools out of children’s reach.
  • Make sure that kids’ playgrounds have adequate floor protection, like mats, to keep them from scraping their knees.
  • Always make them wear helmets when riding a bike.
  • Supervise play time to ensure they don’t get in contact with something sharp.



Poisoning. Poisoning can be fatal. Two children die every day as a result of poisoning. And it’s not only due to hazardous chemicals that are typically used at home; even household cleaners, medicine, and toys that contain lead can poison children.

  • Keep all chemicals locked in a cabinet that kids can’t reach.
  • Check that all toys you purchase are free from lead.
  • Carefully read labels for any medication.
  • Throw away substances you no longer need at home.
  • Teach your kids to not touch, smell, or ingest anything that are not toys.
  • Most importantly, know the number for the nearest poison control center.

Falls. These are the leading cause of non-fatal injuries in kids aged 0 to 19. Small children fall on stairs, from windows, playgrounds, etc. These can cause fractures and even serious head injuries. To protect your child from falls, make sure to:

  • Install rails, stair gates, and window guards at home.
  • Make kids wear helmets when riding bikes and other similar activities.
  • Check that playground equipment and location are safe—must have paddings to cushion falls.

An effective course of action a parent can take to keep children safe, especially during times when they have no control over the situation (like when the kid is in school or any place outside the home), is to get help from a child injury firm. They offer plenty of information and resources about the topic.

A child injury firm can offer assistance to families dealing with child injury cases. Children will often find themselves in situations that put them at risk of injuries. And while we can never watch over them 24/7, it’s good to know that there’s someone willing to help in case injuries happen.



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