The Confirmation

By Tanya Dodd-Hise


Monday morning.  I spent the weekend pretty much obsessed with the “what ifs” and the hard lump inside of my breast.  We tried to keep busy, which helped a lot.

This morning I made several phone calls in attempts to try again for a mammogram appointment.  I found out from all of them that if you have a symptom or suspicious anything, then you are no longer eligible for the free or reduced cost mammogram; you will need to get a diagnostic mammogram and probably a sonogram.  Well, YOU won’t; I will.  So, in a panic I called my doctor’s office and spoke with the friendly office manager that I know on a first name basis.  She said I would need to come in to have the doctor confirm the lump anyway, and told me to come this morning.  Well alrighty then!  I quickly got dressed, got the baby dressed, dropped her off with my awesome friend, and headed towards the doctor’s office.  They got me right back, took vitals, asked questions, then gave me the awesome paper gown (open in the front), and left me to wait.  Soon my doctor was in and doing my exam, confirming that it was a firm, elongated, 2.5 cm mass, and yes, I DO need a diagnostic mammogram with sonogram if needed.  She left to go write my orders, while I gathered copies of everything and instructions on who to call to schedule the appointment.  It alleviates alot of fear to know that there are good programs available to men and women out there with no insurance, in the event that something life-changing happens and they need help.  This could very well be me.  I will know soon enough, right?

I got in the Jeep, called the number that they gave me – twice – and finally left a message.  Their voicemail said it could be up to two days before they call me back.  Wonderful.

I made it until about 2 PM before I started hunting for another number to call.  I found their Facebook page, which ultimately provided not only the toll free number that I had called earlier, but a local number as well.  I called it and to my excitement, I got a live person answer!  I spoke with whom I needed to, and she said that my orders needed to be faxed over; so that led to another callback to my doctor’s office.  I was told that once they got the orders via fax, then it could be up to 48 hours before I got a call back for scheduling.  Sigh.  More waiting.  I don’t think these people know just how impatient I am.


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