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Stuck in Paradise

By Brandy Black


Vacationing with kids

I should have known what direction my 40th birthday trip was going when I woke up the morning of our flight with a terrible cold.  If I knew then…

Our first day in Hawaii was spent at the pool with all the kids.  I hadn’t quite thought through how challenging, even with three adults, it would be to manage twins and a five-year-old.  Just getting out of the room was exhausting, the sunblock, floaties, diapers, wipes, bottles, snacks, the list was endless.  Then I had the bright idea of purchasing an oversized (literally as big as I am) turtle for Sophia to float around on.  I wasn’t thinking, didn’t consider that we would be toting that damn thing around for the entire week. I just saw the smile on my daughter’s face when I agreed to her plea.  Once all kids were finally in the pool and on our floats, we quickly realized the water was freezing cold. I know it’s always warm in Hawaii but on the occasional 70 degree day it sure would be nice if the pools were heated!  Our water is warmer in California and frankly the weather too!  My oldest said “I thought it was supposed to be like summer in Hawaii?!”

“Me too baby.”

After about an hour of freezing our asses off in the pool just to say we did, we decided to have lunch and that is when it all began.  Sophia complained of a tummy ache.  At first it was minor but it continued to escalate and by the end of the day she just wanted to be in the room.  We scrambled to think of what might have caused this and came up with the natural solution- constipation.  She has struggled with this in the past because of her deathly fear of pooping (that’s a whole other blog) but all was typically resolved with a little MiraLAX.  And shit!  I didn’t bring it!  I brought the entire house in our three suitcases but didn’t think to bring the MiraLAX!  So off Susan went on a 40-minute walk to the nearest grocery store while I juggled three kids with the nanny.  When Susan returned she happily held up a box of ExLax!  “Why did you get that?” I say, with an instinct that five is a little young for Exlax.  It turns out that’s all the market had and there were no other stores anywhere near us.  I asked to see the box, convinced it wasn’t safe and Susan read aloud  “Yep, it’s fine, it says half a pill for five.”

Reluctantly I agreed.  Suddenly a few hours later the pain was worse.  Our daughter was officially not enjoying the vacation. We eagerly awaited a poop to make it all better.  The next day, no poop and still serious belly pain.  By the afternoon we had to call the resident doctor onsite and she advised us to race to the hospital for fear that it was appendicitis.  Now I was in a panic. Not only had we discovered at this point that Susan read the box wrong and Exlax is not for young kids but it can also make appendicitis burst!  We left the twins with the nanny and called a cab to the hospital which was 40 minutes away. Sophia at this point was screaming “take this pain away, please why aren’t you fixing this?” and I  in a full-blown panic. On the way to the hospital Sophia finally fell asleep spread out across my lap. What a relief -until I realized that I was wet, she was wet, the cab was wet and it really smelled!  Yep, she shit all over everything and get this: I didn’t bring back up clothes.

We finally pulled up to a small driveway and I was convinced we weren’t in the right place.  It looked like a Veterinary Hospital.  We finagled our daughter out of the cab and walked into a dingy little waiting room full of a family of Hawaiian people sitting around talking.  We signed in and then had to wake our finally peaceful daughter.  She began yelling “What are you doing? Why are you doing this to me?  My belly.  My belly.”  I insisted the doctor give her something for the pain but logically they wouldn’t, they needed to see what the problem was first.  They wanted Sophia to pee in a cup but she refused to drink water because she knew the pain it would inflict.  After much yelling and getting transferred into a private room because we were bothering the other patients, Sophia finally fell asleep again.  I began calculating the hours that we were going to sit by her side watching her sleep with no real answers since she was certainly not going to wake up and pee in a fucking cup. After convincing the doctor that she had to come up with another plan she decided to do x-rays.  Sure enough we identified the problem, Sophia was 100% constipated.  The nurse came in a few minutes later with an enema and handed it to me.

“Do you want to do it?”

“What? No, I don’t know how to do it!”

We agreed that she should do it while Sophia slept and I would be standing by on the gurney in case she woke up.  I was above Sophia and with no warning from the nurse, shit came spraying out of my daughter, all over me!  “Well that happened fast” the nurse says with a friendly tone.

We got back to the room at 3AM and hoped to wake to a better day.

Suffice to say, the days didn’t get better.  Sophia still struggled through pain, our twin daughter threw up on me, I think because the food in Hawaii was a bit different for her.  The wind was howling, making our beach trip a disaster that culminated in our double stroller toppling over and hitting a woman in the face.  We were dying to go home early from our never-ending trip but the doctors actually advised staying because travel only makes constipation worse.

The final leg of the trip, a red-eye flight which had been recommended by veteran friends with twins, was a nightmare.  The kids didn’t sleep well, Sophia shit all over herself in her sleep on the plane and I swear the flight attendants sent in a Hazmat team to clean up after us. Oh and after arriving back at our house at 7am, I had scheduled a work meeting at noon that same day.  I think I’m still recovering.

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