Flying with Twins and Singleton – Love and Pride

Flying with Twins and Singleton

By Brandy Black

growing up

I remember my first plane ride as a child.  I made an X on each calendar day counting down to the moment I would fly high up in the sky.  It was so exciting.  I was thrown back in time today when my 5-year-old daughter told me that tomorrow she would have a big smile on her face because the day after we will be going to Hawaii.  But the part she is most excited about is the plane ride.  She doesn’t recall every being on an airplane, which is funny because she’s been on several but I guess it’s been a while for air travel since the twins arrived.

Tonight I walked Sophia through every detail of arrival at the airport, security, seatbelts, the lights that turn on and off with instruction to the passengers, the flight attendants, the food, the drink cart! She practiced what she would order.  I can’t wait to watch her experience all these “firsts” again.  I am bracing myself, thinking about holding a baby on my lap the entire trip while trying to juggle ipads, drinks, food, and toys for Sophia.  I won’t even have Susan next to me as we are not allowed to have two infants in the same row.  I worry about the passengers around us.  This trip could be incredible or an utter divorce-inducing disaster.  Susan and I travel really well…without kids.  Vacations with kids is like Space Mountain—lots of dizzying twists and turns never really knowing where you’re going to end up.  One minute the children can be happy and grateful and the next they are screaming at the top of their lungs in a public place and Susan and I have nothing better to do than take it out on each other.

So we venture forward, creating lasting memories.  Celebrating big birthdays and watching our children grow up.  Wish me luck as I zoom through the friendly skies.

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