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Are You SURE You Don’t Want to Workout?

By Susan Howard, Fitness Ghuru

Often I hear clients complain about not having time to workout, which translates to not wanting to workout.  I have been training long enough to know that people are only going to do what they want to do.

Why don’t people want to workout?  Why not?  It’s because they forget how awesome it feels.  How incredible it is when your body burns through that ATP, lungs take in oxygen, the adrenal glands release epinephrine, endorphins kick in, the heart rate raises up and the blood is pumping.

When I am at my best I feel strong.  Being static makes me feel lazy and like there are no possibilities.  Energy equals more energy.  Kind of like you get what you pay for, or you reap what you sow.

So why don’t people want to workout?  Because they haven’t found the thing they love.  Here are a couple photos from a hike and a run I took last week.  Embracing my true spirit up in the mountains.  I stand in awe of these moments in that I wonder why do I have to beg people to get moving, to commune with nature, to be who they truly are?  WE ARE MOVERS!  We are supposed to move.  It shouldn’t be that big of a bummer to run in beauty and feel powerful. It’s amazing. It’s out there. It’s your day. Take it.


griffith park hike

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