A Wee Fight With Wii Fit – Love and Pride

A Wee Fight With Wii Fit

By Carol Rood



Today I had a conversation with my Wii Fit that had me saying WTF??

Let me set the scene for you:  I came downstairs to see the boys off to school. Once they left I decided to check my weight on the Wii Fit.  I get on the board…

Wii: “Well good morning Carol.  Are you feeling refreshed today?”

Me:  “Yes thank you.”

Wii:  “So, how is Bluebell doing?  I haven’t seen her lately.”

me: “She’s fine.”

Wii:”So how does Bluebell look to you?”
(4 options to choose from):
A. She looks the same
B. She looks skinnier
C. She looks bigger
D. I haven’t looked at her
I choose A because it is true.

Thinking it is a relationship counselor, Wii says: “Change is exciting don’t you agree? Maybe you should pay more attention to Bluebell.”

I was like, “Look here, I pay enough attention to Bluebell.  Watch, I am going to call her and ask her. You’ll see, Missy!”

So I did.  I called Bluebell.

I told her about the conversation I was having with the Wii and she laughed … and laughed. Really?  I expected her to take my side. But nope….she thought it was hilarious. She was still laughing as I hung up.

So I turn back to the TV, hit the “A” button on the controller to move on, and the Wii says to me:  “On a side note did you know that dogs become more motivated if their owners pay attention to them?”

Seriously? Now somehow it is MY fault that Bluebell looks the same??

I am NOT joking here people, I can’t even make this shit up.

Finally I weigh myself. And the Wii says, “Oh, you missed your goal.  Do you want to make a new one?  Maybe you need to work harder.”

me: “Listen bitch, I think I have had enough of your smack talk today!  I bought you, I own you, you are mine, and I don’t want any more sass from you!”

I was a tough bad-ass talker.  However, my actions were different.  After I yelled at the tv, I meekly and quietly entered a new goal.

And the saddest part is that I will do it again next week.

Carol Rood

You can also find me at:  Coffee, Clutter and Chaos


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Carol Rood

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