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Lesbian in Love: a Bicycle Built for Two

By Kelly

When I am having a bad day, there are several sites on the internet I visit to cheer myself up.  There are a few go-to videos on YouTube that I find absolutely hilarious and there are several websites I visit to bring back my calm.

Because I am in love and can’t get enough of seeing others in love, one of my other favorite past times is the website a bicycle built for two. It is a website that boasts “real wedding inspiration for lesbians, queers, and everyone else.” It is filled with the most glorious pictures of engagement photos and wedding photos.  Sure, it’s a resource for planning a wedding, with lots of information on vendors, etc. but it’s the photography that I love.

The pictures of couples in love make my day.  I know what I have with Erin and how we feel about one another and I can see the same thing in most of these photos and I LOVE THEM!

Sometimes when I hear or see people who are anti-marriage equality, I want to send them the link and ask them, what is so wrong about this? What can possibly be wrong with two consenting adults who are in love making a long term commitment with each other?  Now I’m biased, but I would think seeing some of these pictures would make a homophobe’s heart grow two times its size (a la the Grinch).

If you have never visited it before, please do.  You will not be disappointed.

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