A Sassy Kid – Love and Pride

A Sassy Kid

By Brandy Black

My almost five-year-old daughter has become sassy.  She talks back and when she’s angry calls me “the worst” and claims I “don’t know everything.”  It’s been challenging and heartbreaking at times dealing with her attitude.  I was trying everything to get it through to her that talking back to me isn’t an option and finally something worked:  I told her no TV!

She is allowed one to two shows a day. In the past she barely watched television, but lately she hits her quota easily.  If I’m being honest I think it’s her escape from the babies’ crying and a way for her to have her own space. If I’m being even more honest it’s helpful for me too.  So when I boldly said “No TV at all tomorrow” I felt like I was punishing myself.  Now I would have to juggle three kids with no downtime.

When the morning arrived I was pleasantly surprised to see that, instead of Sophia quickly trying to help me so that she could race to her show, she was present, playing with the babies.  I watched as she showed them how to work their toys that were once her toys.  Their faces lit up watching big sister at work.  She took care of them while I was preparing their bottles and when I came back they were all three gathered together, happy.

My new punishment is working; it almost makes me want to throw the TV out all together.

But wait; what then would I have to hold over her head?

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