Searching for Schools – Love and Pride

Searching for Schools

By Brandy Black

I have been dreading these days, the final decision, the waiting and the lottery!  I saw “Waiting for Superman” by myself and sat sobbing in the theatre.  How could it have gotten this bad that we leave our children’s education up to chance?  Private school might have been an option before the twins but now public is the logical choice and truthfully I’m a supporter of public schools.  It is daunting making such impactful decisions.  My wife is finally starting to catch up with all that has been weighing on me for the last 6 months.  I have done my research -immersion, charter, magnets; I have finally navigated my way through the challenges, the tours, the applications and now, I wait.  Wait for the day when we find out if our daughter is one of the lucky ones or if she waits patiently with a number for her fate. I envy the people who have real choices rather than chances.  I lie awake at night burdened by this process until I remind myself that everything happens for a reason and things work out the way they should.  I don’t think a worrier like me could get through life without understanding that. Our daughter thinks that she will make the choice. I tell her about the schools, the rules, the fun and inform her that once we “decide” she can give her final word.  I’m not sure how I will finagle that if there is only one choice, but I’m prepared to cross that bridge later.  It’s all about baby steps right now.   Sleeping through the night is first on my list.

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