Family Travel to Big Bear – Love and Pride

Family Travel to Big Bear

By Brandy Black

It’s a family tradition to see snow around the holidays. Typically we’ll drive somewhere for the day but this year we decided to get a cabin in Big Bear, CA at Christmas.  This turned out to be a great destination for our family because it’s only 2 hours away from Los Angeles, which is perfect if you are traveling with little ones.  We have three kids! I will warn you that chains are a requirement to have with you over the winter season (this I did not know) and those switchbacks can be a bit dizzying, but once we got to our quaint town and adorable cottage in the snow, we were thrilled.  Chalet Devora was a prime location for skiers, just a quick 10-minute walk to the slopes.  We were set up on a hill, which was a little intimidating to drive on ice, but worth it for the sledding around the back.  Fully equipped with Christmas trees (yep there were 2) and festive holiday décor, the place was lovely.  It even had a hot tub!  Although when we all got in one snowy night it was about as hot as a lukewarm bath so you might want to warn them to crank up that heat!

What to do with kids in Big Bear

There is a great little ski camp at the slopes that we enrolled our daughter in for 2 hours. It was her first time skiing and she came out with a good snow plow and the desire to ski down her first bunny hill.  I couldn’t believe I was more terrified than she when we all went up on her very first chairlift.

There are a couple nice inner-tubing places that are great fun for kids. We spent the afternoon making snow angels, having snowball fights, and sliding down the hill.

I wasn’t sure if there would be much to do with the babies (they are one). People thought we were crazy motivating with twin babies, but they had a blast.  We took them to Big Bear Village and bought a sled and pulled them around in the snow. We happened upon a tiny hill that every toddler in town has spotted and had great fun listening to them giggle as they traversed through the snow.

What to Eat

If you are a foodie, you might not be terribly impressed with the restaurants, but I thought it was just what you’d expect from a lovely little village town.  I couldn’t get a good sidecar to save my life but I enjoyed my meal and fireside table at Captain’s Anchorage.  They even had the 80’s salad bar.

We had a great trip and will surely do it again, although my next ski destination is Mammoth.  Any recommendations before we go?

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