Lesbian Titles: Howdy Pardner!


By Kelly

For the last few decades I have had boyfriends.  One turned into a fiancé, that later became my husband, who now is my Ex.  For the last several decades I’ve had girlfriends. Girls, then later women, with whom I have a friendship.  Which leads me to my newest internal debate . . .

What in the hell am I supposed to call the person I’m dating now?

Historically, when I said I had a boyfriend, it was pretty obvious that that meant it was the person I was dating (i.e. had an emotional and sexual relationship with).  Now that I’m dating Erin, if I introduce her as my girlfriend, it could mean several things.  Is she my friend? Best friend? The woman I’m in a emotional and sexual relationship with? It could be any of those!  My best friend Stacie is also my girlfriend.  See?!

Do I tell people Erin’s my “GIRLFRIEND, GIRLFRIEND?” Just as you may like someone and a friend asks if you “Like them or LIKE LIKE them?” Pretty confusing, right?

Is she my partner? Which then makes me think of square dancing and cattle wrangling.

Hello, this is Erin, my . . .

girlfriend? (with a wink)

soul mate?

lover? (oh geeze)

lady friend? (which lovingly is our “go to” on Facebook)


life partner?

homo-soulmate (my friend Drea’s concoction)


What about no words and I just wink and nod my head real slowly?  I don’t know! Who knew it would be an issue?  I know that to me she’s sometimes “baby,” at times “hon,” and almost daily “sweets.”  Which I guess, should make her, “THE ONE” to everyone else?


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