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Happy Holidays from One Family to the Next!

By John Jericiau

Dear Family & Friends,

Well as you can see we have a beautiful addition to our family.  It took lots of work for most of 2012, but we are so happy to welcome our third son Dustin John Jericiau into the world.  He weighed in at 8 lbs 8 oz, measured 20 ½ inches, and is spectacularly healthy.  The boys are over the top excited to have a little brother, and they help feed him, burp him, and kiss him whenever possible.

As you may or may not remember, each family member has a birthday on the 22nd day of a different month (Dylan in January, Devin in May, Papa in June, and Daddy in December).  Dustin got 22 his own way, since his birthday is 11/11.  A miracle!

It’s hard to believe that the boys are another year older, but they have really matured both physically and emotionally.  Both boys have been enjoying many extracurricular activities this year, including karate and swimming (lessons at the YMCA), but also a Creative Movement class as well as many trips to the library (across the street from the YMCA) and the beach.  Diapers are thankfully a thing of the past, and both boys dress and feed themselves, brush their teeth, make their beds (sometimes) and help with chores around the house (if bribed).

Devin (now 5 ½) is enjoying kindergarten at Franklin Elementary, which is, in our opinion (and is reflected in its test scores), the very best public school in Santa Monica.  He makes friends easily and gets much praise from his awesome teacher for his focus, smarts, and gentle soul.  Besides the above-mentioned activities, Devin enjoys after-school activities such as a live reptile class called EcoStation, Art class, and Glee.  After the New Year he will try the violin, as well as continue his twice-weekly Spanish Immersion class.  When he is not in class he almost always has a pair of scissors or crayons in his hand as he creates his next work of art.  Otherwise he is telling Daddy & Papa the newest word he can spell, or trying hard to start reading his latest chapter book.

Dylan (5 in January) is finishing up his last year at Pine Street Preschool before joining his brother at Franklin next September.  Lately he has expressed a desire to become a fashion designer, since he has shown a flair for flamboyance in clothes (anything pink or purple) and toys (anything pink or purple).  He loves spending time with his BFF Xylia, baking with Papa, and shopping.  He is wicked smart and has a very keen sense of humor.  He towers over most of his classmates and outweighs them by at least 20 pounds, but at this time shows no interest in a football career at USC (Daddy’s alma mater) or Cal (Papa’s alma mater).

Alen continues to work hard at everything he does.  This year proved to be full of traveling to oversee this clinic and teach courses at that clinic connected with the hospice company that he directs.  He also finished up his fellowship with California Healthcare Leadership as well as his stint in a Medicare Innovation Program.  Don’t forget his faculty position at UCLA (which has recently been bumped up yet another level) as well as continuing his work at our wellness center in Glendale.  And recently he was awarded the prestigious Hastings Center Cunniff-Dixon Physician Award (only five physicians receive this award in the nation), which comes with a huge cash prize!  When he is not winning awards or promotions he fits in hot yoga and stationery biking as much as possible, or dropping off/picking up the boys from school (which makes the boys very happy!).

John spends most of his days in sweatpants (the male version of the housedress) as he cleans, transports, coordinates, and counsels his boys as they make their way through each day.  He recently shaved his head since a) he has no time for hair care and b) he seems to be losing his hair anyway.  The sleep deprivation in these early months with a newborn is kicking his butt, but he is trying hard to get in an hour long run or bike at least once per day.  He managed one race in 2012, the Alcatraz Challenge (a 1 ½ mile swim in the San Francisco Bay followed by a 7 mile run over the Golden Gate Bridge), winning his age group (old guys) and clinching a top 10 spot overall, finishing just behind an 18-year-old phenom from Northern California.  He hopes to add a race or two more in 2013.  He is also enjoying writing his weekly blog with thenextfamily.com, and is seeing a few patients per month in his friend’s physical therapy clinic during the evening hours.

We enjoyed an awesome two-week family vacation in Costa Rica this summer, which hopefully the boys will never forget.  Small trips to San Francisco, Portland, and Palm Springs rounded out our travels.  We finally replaced our 18-year-old fence (which made our neighbors happy) and hope to continue our landscaping and renovation projects in the New Year.

Otherwise it’s been a very quiet year in our paradise by the beach.  We hope to see more friends and family in 2013, and we wish you a happy healthy holiday and New Year!

With love from John, Alen, Devin, Dylan & Dustin

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John Jericiau

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