Fitness: Flights of Fancy

By Susan Howard, Personal Trainer

Decades ago NIKE coined the phrase “Just Do It.”  Lately my workouts have become less and less significant, in that by the afternoon I can’t totally recall having done one or not.  Then I think back to the wee hour that I stumbled on to the treadmill, or up the canyon or I feel soreness in my abs and I think oh yeah I think I did workout.

For this last six months I have been committing to working out everyday for 20 to 60 minutes.  I say “everyday” allowing myself flexibility to mess up, still making it 5 or 6 workouts a week.   Traditionally I hate working out in the morning, but I realize that for consistency’s sake that is the only way I will get it done.  Also working out on an empty stomach is my optimum, although not recommended.

If you are a child growing up in India you likely practice yoga in the morning before heading off to school. The Chinese have their Tai Chi to start their day. We have Starbucks and Frosted Flakes.  In this country, it feels like there are two camps: the super fit Ultra Marathoners or the couch potatoes.   So American…we want to go big or go home.

I urge you this next year to take your resolutions pen out, and commit to working out everyday 20 to 60 minutes.  Each workout won’t be your hardest one.  They will likely become less of a big deal either way.  You will form a habit, a pattern that is just the backdrop of your everyday.  As you move through life a bit sharper and resonating health and wellness, it will merely be how you roll.

Create consistency in your life and energy in your body, I promise you will feel better than last year.    I wish this for you my readers if I could wish anything.  It’s not a big deal, it’s not monumental, start small if you’ve been out of commission in the fitness front.  Don’t ask yourself if you are in the mood or not.

Just Do It.

20 minute blast advanced:

60 jumping jacks

10 decline pushups / feet high, hands low

30 crunches / straight leg, toe reaches

40 mountain climbers / top of the push up alternate marching legs

20 deep squats / feet hips distance, slightly turned out

Rest 1 minute repeat 5 times.

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